November 18, 2021 Advisory Board

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2021, 2:00 pm
Zoom Virtual Meeting

  1. Call to Order 2:04 pm. Mac MacDonald, John Bravender, Tom Collins, Nate Silva, Robin Bond, Neil Kanemoto, Whit Olson, Mik Roer, Gabe Nelson, Jason Kohl, Susan Yamamoto, MST1 Blacklaw, Brad Lindsey, Bill Marhoffer, CDR Aja Kirksey, LCDR Josh Williams, and LCDR Melvin Torres were in attendance virtually.
  • CDR Kirksey (Sector Honolulu Deputy Commander) and Nate Silva (Pilot 25) introductions.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • HOST bank account has $6,733.14. No charges last month beyond website hosting fees.
  • Old Business:
    • Commercial Traffic/Kiteboard Safety Subcommittee update from Ethan Creps. “Reports are with the northern beaches open the pressure has been lessened on the Harbor watersports. However, the idyllic conditions for learners still draw a small novice cohort that we need to address with education. Have identified the main subcommittee – have not been successful getting the Rec Watersports rentals/Instructors onboard yet but should have shortly.”
    • 737 Salvage wrapped up & NTSB investigation in progress.
    • Honolulu Harbor Festival/Maritime Week 2022. Bill Anonsen will be looping Denise Yamaguchi in now that the Honolulu Food & Wine Festival is complete. Pending COVID and other concerns, HOST continues to target Sept 22, 2022, as the festival’s date.
  • New Business:
    • “If Found” sticker update:
      • HOST authorized funding for the initial run of 1,000 stickers and associated display/promotional expenses. The estimated total is $1,324.00, and not to exceed $2,000 were approved by the board for this phase of the project. Big thank you to Susan Yamamoto, Tom Eloph, LCDR Melvin Torres, and LCDR Josh Williams for your involvement in getting us this far.
    • HOST Christmas Party date to be firmed up within the week. Currently targeting Dec. 9 at the Waikiki Yacht Club. More info to follow.
    • Developing a plan for changing out the HOST leadership and reviewing our by-laws.
  • USCG Concerns:
    • LCDR Torres expressed support for the “If Found Sticker Project”.
    • LCDR Williams reported that:
      • Kahului Channel Buoy 5 remains off station. USCGC Juniper will be underway next week to reestablish the aid.
      • LT Gamble, on Maui, reported to LCDR Williams that no safety concerns have arisen associated with the Peahi Challenge at Jaws to date. LCDR Williams reached out to the event organizer, Station Maui, and DOCARE to discuss possible safety issues and the option to do boater safety checks & education at the boat ramps.
      • Related to the Kahului Kiteboard/Commercial Traffic Subcommittee, LCDR Williams talked with DOT-Harbors and reported that Duane Kim has issued a draft harbormaster notice which speaks to rules of the road and crossing narrow channel. He looks forward to engaging with the Subcommittee.
    • Bill Marhoffer reported that:
      • He attended the Pacific States & British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force meeting. His primary takeaway was that nobody is going back to fully in person exercises and training. Hybrid exercises are the new way for now.
      • The Endangered Species Act consultation is making progress, related to the Dispersant Use Pre-Authorization Letter.
      • Bill has been in discussions with HIEMA and has communicated that the USCG’s sole objective to exercise in 2022 is activation of MOUs MOAs for Pearl Harbor cargo operations. Alternate port concept.
  • State of Hawaii Concerns: None.
  • City and County Concerns (Ocean Safety Division):  Jason Kohl nothing to report.
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Concerns: LCDR Melvin Torres comments above.
  1. NOAA Concerns: John Bravender nothing to report.
  1. Hawaii Pilots Concerns:  Nate Silva (Pilot 25) reported that:
  1. Honolulu parasail boats are coming west of the Kewalo range and too close to the Honolulu “H” buoy. They are also starting their launching process too near the buoy. Recently Ed Enos had to blow the whistle at one of these parasail craft. If complaints related to these craft arise- who should the pilots contact? LCDR Josh Williams and his office are the proper contact.
    1. Nate is involved with Ethan’s Kahului Kiteboard/Commercial Traffic Subcommittee and is providing graphics of the area in question in Kahului.
  1. Announcements: More info to follow on HOST Christmas party, which will need to conform to C&C guidelines on gatherings. Please consider making gift donations for the raffle!
  1. Next Meeting:          Christmas Party TBD- On or about December 9, 2021.
  1. Adjourn 2:45 pm.


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