March 11, 2004 Advisory Board



Robin Bond, Chairman                                           Susan Harper, Yacht Clubs

Kim Beasley, CIC                                                    Bob Heidrich, HYC

Bill Mossman, HBPAA                                           Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant

Kimo Corstorphine                                                 Tim McKeague

Julia Morgan                                                           CMDR George Butler             

Brad Rimell                                                             Captain Terry Rice, (Ret)

John Thielst, TESORO                                          Errol Kane

Rick Shema                                                            Linden Joesting, DOT Harbors

Hector Venegas

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum being present he asked for a review of the minutes of the previous meeting.   After a review of the minutes, Brad Rimell moved for approval, Hector Venegas seconded the motion and they were approved by consensus.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $1,532.52 in the bank, after several donations.  She intends to pay Robin back for his approved expenses for the 6th Annual Harbor Safety Conference.   Horizon Shipping donated $800. dollars but we still have a short fall of funds for the Conference.

AGENDA Item #4  –  February 19 Membership Meeting Critique

Comments from the Board included positive feedback on the Panel Format discussion.    Some felt it was very effective and something a little different.  The topic was obviously an issue on peoples mind as the discussion was very lively.  Generally a very good meeting.

AGENDA Item #5  –  Sixth National Harbor Safety Conference

Robin reported on the discussion points of the National Harbor Safety Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.    Sunday there was a meeting of the Chairs only.    The discussion focused on the following areas.

●          There continues to be a shift from Harbor Safety to Harbor Safety/Security.

●          There is an effort to find $3,000,000. for a national Harbor Safety Committee Website.

●          Next Conference will be held at LA/Long Beach.   These conferences typically have about 300 attendees.

●          One of the more successful projects reported on was a pamphlet produced for distribution on recreation vs commercial boating.  The title of it was “Steer Clear”.

●          Generally there is an effort by safety committees to educate recreational boaters.

●          It seems the there is a greater use of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary on the mainland than in Hawaii. They actually work in the MSO’s.

●          There is an industry association known as the Maritime Trade Association or MTA that has some money and influence and they may be willing to fund approved boater education projects.

●          There appears to be no apparent Security Zone concerns in other areas.   Harbor Safety Committees have been heavily involved in the development of the Security Zones.

●          Some States are looking at linking driving licenses and boating infractions i.e. a DUI on the water impacts your auto license.

●          The national focus on recreational boating is a reminder that HOST needs to represent all maritime related organization.   Currently we are weak on certain types of recreation.

●          Nationally there is a heavy reliance on the use of subcommittees to produce the work.

The Keynote speaker of the Conference was Admiral Thomas Gilmore.   His message points included comments on the value of Harbor Safety Committees as a vehicle for maritime dialogue and interface.   He also noted the trend toward expanding the role of these committees in the Safety/Security realm.  He encouraged all committees to increase awareness of communities i.e. see more, further, and sooner.

AGENDA Item #6  –  Next Membership Meeting Topics

            ●            MTSA FSO Training  –  July 1st deadline

            ●            Conflicts between Recreational and Commercial Activities

            ●            Report on the NOAA weather broadcasts and conference

            ●            State ID and Security

            ●            SOP Updates

AGENDA Item #7   –  Status of Tesoro Security Flyer

John Thielst reported that Tesoro has completed the development of the Security Zones (SPM) poster and magnet.   The brochure is in print.   Also they will be advertising in various publications.   HOST is supporting this educational effort.

AGENDA Item #8  –   SOP 8-98 Explosive Handling –  Revisions

It has been recommended by Terry Rice that we form a subcommittee to revisit the Explosives Handling SOP.    Some changes to piers have been made and we need to update this material.

AGENDA Item #9  –   National Weather Service Marine Users Conference

Kim and Robin are planning to attend the Conference sponsored by NOAA to be held on March 22 at the Waikiki Yacht Club.    We will be discussing some of the issues raised by HOST about the weather  broadcasts during bad weather.  We will also be learning about improvements to their system.    Anyone wanting to attend please let Robin know as NOAA has asked for addresses from HOST to help get the word out.

AGENDA Item #10  –   2004 Boat Show and Ocean Expo.  May 22nd and 23rd.

Robin reminded everyone that the 2004 Boat Show at Ko’olina is coming up soon.    We need help to man the booth so please,  please,  let him know if you can help.

AGENDA Item #11  –  Pending HOST Safety Issues

●          SOP 6 – 98 Commercial VHF Comms.   Hector reported that he is awaiting approval of his letter before sending it out.

●          Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin is hoping to get an update on the current status and report back at the next meeting.

●          PR Education Committee  –  Julia reported that she will be arranging a subcommittee meeting soon.

●          NOAA weather broadcasts  –  Kim reiterated that we will be presenting our concerns to the NOAA Users Conference.

AGENDA Item  #12  –  Homeland Security

CMDR George Butler reported that Honolulu has experienced two unidentified diver incidents in Honolulu Harbor.   USCG is investigating.  USCG has increased Harbor security watches for this type of security issue.   Generally diver awareness is up around the entire country.

AGENDA Item  #13  –   State of Hawaii

Linden Joesting of State Harbors reported that they have no HOST concerns at this time.    The Super Ferry is in town if anyone would like to see it.   The program looks promising.   Currently Harbor engineers and planners are working on harbor space for the ferry around the State.

AGENDA Item #14  –   Announcements and New Business


Whale Sanctuary Information

Robin reminded everyone that Terry Rice is looking for feedback on commercial procedures currently in place for operating barges etc. in and around whales.

Office of Conservation Enforcement

Harold Kane of DLNR/DOCARE reported on recent activities

●          They aided the USCG with the unidentified diver incidents.

●          Their office wants to start a new enforcement team with 10 officers to conduct unannounced raids.

●          New tow-in surfing rules will be coming into effect.   All involved will have to be certified by attending a class.   The OCE office thinks the rules and law are not clear.

Letter on Security Zone Conflicts with Cruise Ships

Following up on the discussion panel conducted at our last General Membership meeting on the potential for future conflicts between Cruise Ship Security Zone exclusionary policies and the increased risks for safety and environmental concerns for neighbor island fuel barges,  Kim Beasley has prepared a letter asking Captain Skuby to look at this issue.    The draft letter was presented to the Board for approval.   After some discussion the letter was approved for transmittal.

Sewage Spills                         

This question was asked whether there is anything that HOST needs to address regarding sewage spills into the Harbor.    Robin will look into this and we will discuss it at the next meeting.

Recreational Sailors and Safety at Sea Situational Awareness

Rick Shema addressed the Board on a discussion paper he has prepared regarding educational weaknesses in informing sailors about the risks associated with ocean voyages in the north pacific in the winter months.    The recent loss of the yacht Azure that was being sailed from Hawaii to the mainland in November possibly could have been avoided if there was a greater educational effort.    He was wondering if HOST could play a role in this.   Perhaps a flier.

He and Robin will discuss this further.

Discussion also focused on the role of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Boater education is one of their key missions.   Robin said he would invite an Auxiliary representative to the next meeting.

SOP 9-98 Revision  –  Housing for Foreign Crew.

Terry Rice suggested that HOST form a subcommittee to revisit the SOP on Housing for Foreign Crews.   Our current language says that the Seaman’s Union Hall will be used to hold crew that may be on a vessel that is towed into port.  As the Union Hall will no longer be able to accommodate this activity we need to update the SOP.

Atlantis Submarine and Activities Conflicts

Atlantis Submarines brought up discussion on recent conflicts it is having with various activities at one of their submarine dive/wreck sites.    In one case there is a commercial dive company that is diving on one of their wreck sites causing operational hazards.   They have also experienced a potential problem with an Opelu fisherman colliding with the subs.   The USCG was asked if there were “rules of the road” for this type of conflict.    CMDR Butler asked Atlantis to write them a letter explaining the problems.   Atlantis agreed that they would write a letter to all concerned agencies.   Robin suggested that the letter be addressed to DLNR’s Steve Thompson with a courtesy copy to the USCG.

Chevron Member

With the departure of Clarence Chong, Chevron no longer is represented on the Advisory Board.    Robin will contact Chevron to see if they will appoint and new representative.

Next Meeting

            ●         Next Advisory Board Meeting will be April 15th at 3:00 pm.

                        Hawaii Yacht Club.

            ●         Next General Membership Meeting will be April 22nd, at 2:00 pm.

                        Honolulu Community Collage Marine Education Center.          

Robin asked if there were any further announcements or new business.   Hearing none he adjourned the meeting.

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