April 15, 2004 Advisory Board



Robin Bond, Chairman                                           Susan Harper, Yacht Clubs

Kim Beasley, CIC                                                    Bob Heidrich, HYC

Bill Mossman, HBPAA                                           Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant

Kimo Corstorphine                                                  Arlen Walsten

Rick Shema                                                            Captain Tim Skuby, USCG            

Brad Rimell, Ocean Towing                                   Captain Terry Rice, (Ret)

John Thielst, TESORO                                           Bill Anonsen

Rick Raksnis, USCG                                              Hector Venegas

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum being present he asked for a review of the minutes of the previous meeting.   After a review of the minutes, Captain Tim Skuby pointed out that a George Butler was incorrectly listed as a Lt. CMDR on the fifth page.   He is, in fact, a full CMDR.  With this correction, Brad Rimell moved for approval, Kimo Corstorphine seconded the motion and the minutes were approved by consensus.

Robin introduced two guests, Mr. John Regan with the USCG Auxiliary and Lt. CMDR Rick Raksnis with the USCG.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $1,181.16  in the bank, after receiving a $459.44 donation from the Combined Federal Campaign.   Robin pointed out that one of the requirements is that HOST complete an annual report and that we reapply to the Combined Federal Campaign on an annual basis.   This donation is the first we have received.

AGENDA Item #4  –  HOST Correspondence

Robin reported on recent HOST correspondence.   He is sending out a letter to the Hawaii Yacht Club thanking them for allowing HOST hold our board meetings at their facility.   Also, he received a solicitation from a website listing service called Internet Corporation asking if HOST would like to be listed with them for $35.    Robin told them no.

AGENDA Item #5  –  Next Membership Meeting Topics

Robin discussed the topics that appear to be coming together for a presentation at the next General Membership Meeting to be held on April 22, 2004.   They include:

●          USCG Presentation on MTSA (Maritime Transportation Security Act)

            ●          Robin’s report on the National Harbor Safety Conference

●          Public Service Commendation for Capt. Hank Howlett and crewman Clayton Espanto

Looking to a future meeting we may be able to have presentations on updating the SOP’s.    Also, we could have a report on the USCG proposed changes to the Security Zones.   We could also ask the NOAA Weather Service people to put on a presentation on the new weather services they will be providing.  These services may actually be in place be that time.

AGENDA Item #6  –  HOST Publicity

Robin reported that he has seen some recent publicity for HOST.  Tesoro’s brochure is complete and is available for distribution.    Plus they have placed several adds including a full page adds in the Hawaii Boats & Yachts Magazine, and the Hawaii Fishing News.  In addition HOST was mentioned by Arlen Walsten on the Hawaii Goes Fishing Show during a discussion of the EPIRB and PFD regulations.    Chris Woolaway also pointed out that HOST’s collaborative efforts within the community on safety issues was highlighted in the recent issue of “Makai” , which is Sea Grants newsletter.     Robin reminded everyone that we are expecting to have a booth at the upcoming Boat Show as well.

AGENDA Item  #7  –  National Weather Service Marine Users Conference Report

Kim reported that he and Robin attended the recent NOAA Weather Service Users Conference, which was held at the Waikiki Yacht Club.   The Weather Service personnel made several presentations and discussed anticipated upgrades in their “product” information.    They expect to be able to present more precise weather reports on a smaller or “micro” scale.  Current reporting is generally by windward and leeward sides of the islands.    New technology is soon to be employed that will enable them to give weather predictions on a city-by-city type of basis.     This information will be downloadable from the web.

Kim also pointed out that we brought up the HOST discussion point of Marine Weather Broadcasts to Mariners during bad weather.   They said that they have discussed a modified approach to their broadcasting that would include more information beyond just the weather warnings to address our concerns.

AGENDA Item  #8  –   2004 Boat Show and Ocean Expo.  May 22nd and 23rd.

Robin reminded everyone that the 2004 Boat Show at Koolina is coming up soon.    We need help to man the booth so please,  please,  let him know if you can help.   Also discussed were materials needed for distribution.    We will have our brochure, and security zone information as well as our flyers on the PDF and marine radio regulations.

AGENDA Item  #9  –   New Safety Issues

●          Safety at Sea –  Subcommittee

Rick Shema discussed the idea of starting a subcommittee to look at ways in which HOST could help to increase safety and awareness for long distance voyagers sailing in Hawaii waters.   One idea would be to put together a “Safety at Sea” seminar as has been done by others.  It could be expensive and take as much as 6 months to organize.   To even make a decision we would have to take a closer look at this.   Susan Harper volunteered to head up a subcommittee to examine the possibilities and producibles.

●            Canoes in Honolulu Harbor

Navatek asked if HOST could look into problems they have had with canoes at the entrance to Honolulu Harbor that block their ability to get out to sea.  Others have reportedly had similar problems.    Robin discussed a possible approach to working out the issues.    He said that he would talk to Mike Tongg and Terry Rice, both of them are strong members of the canoeing community.    They may be able to establish a dialogue on the issue.

AGENDA Item  #10  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

a.         SOP 6-98 Commercial VHF Comms.    A letter has been prepared and is ready to be sent to commercial companies asking for information on which frequencies they use.   With that feedback we will be ready to update the SOP.  Hector is preparing a mail out list and hopes to mail out the questionnaire by the next meeting.Hector also brought up the issue of whether a good presentation topic for the June Membership meeting might be a discussion on the AIS (Automatic Identification System) requirements of the MTSA.    If Honolulu Harbor gets a VTS receiver  (currently planned for) a wide variety of vessels will be required to install an AIS transmitter.    These transmitters are currently very expensive (@$10,000.)   Good possible topic.

b.         Terry Rice reported that the subcommittee looking at updating the 8-98 SOP on explosives might want to tie in recent MTSA regulations related to Certain Dangerous Cargos (CDC’s).   Issues have come up regarding which piers are approved for CDC’s and what protocols may have to be followed.    Work will begin soon on this and it seems like a natural tie-in.

c.         Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin reported that funds appear to have been approved to build a road to the DLNR small boat harbor area.   This may also include a security fence.  This may move a solution to congestion forward but right now there is not much dialogue due to current litigation.           

d.         PR Education Committee  –   Julia reported that she has been busy but that they have a meeting planned in conjunction with the General Membership Meeting.

e.         SOP 9-98  –   Use of Seafarer’s Hall for temporary shelter  –  This SOP is dysfunctional in our post 9/11 world.   The SIU has relocated to a smaller facility and the Union won’t currently allow use of the Hall for housing.   In addition new security measures instituted by MTSA and under the jurisdiction of the Customs Border Protection office may need to be addressed.   Bill Anonsen volunteered to set up a subcommittee to begin dialogue with potential key players including CBP and the HVCB on the possibility of extending the successful “airline housing program” for stranded tourists to include stranded sailors. 

AGENDA Item  #11  –   Homeland Security

Captain Tim Skuby announced that the USCG has plans to submit changes to the Hawaii Security Zones to the Federal Docket for comment and approval.    The changes were made as a result of a periodic review of the security zones and address a number of issues that were raised by HOST.  He will let us know when the comment period begins.   If any questions or issues come up related to the changes he outlined he is willing to hold a meeting with interested parties.

AGENDA Item  #12  –   State of Hawaii Concerns

            Ms. Linden Joesting was unable to attend the meeting so there was nothing to share with the group.  

AGENDA Item  #13  –   Announcements           

Robin introduced John Regan who recently returned to Hawaii and is a member of the USCG Auxiliary.   John gave us some information on his background.  Robin pointed out that the mainland safety committees work closely with the USCG Auxiliary and he has asked John to be a liaison between HOST and the Aux.

Robin asked if there were any further announcements.

●          Chris Woolaway announced that there will be a Mamala Bay Regulators Discharge meeting to be held on April 23rd  between 09:00 and 12:00 hours.   This will be at the Foreign Trade Zone Conference Room.   This includes the Airport, Aquarium, DOT Harbors, etc.

●          Brad Rimell suggested that their may be a role for HOST in working on a potential conflict in Kaunakakai between the Maui Ferry and their new barge the Hilo Bay which is scheduled to arrive in Hawaii later this year.  The Hilo Bay is 325 foot long and both the ferry and the barge can’t be at the pier at the same time.     No activity from HOST is necessary yet but we will watch the situation.

●          Brad also announced that it looks as though funds have been approved to begin work on restoring the Kaumalapau Lanai breakwater that was damaged in hurricane Iniki.  

The next meetings are as follows:

●          Next Board Meeting,   May 13th, 2004  3:00 pm  –  Hawaii Yacht Club

●          Next Board Meeting,   June 17th, 2004  3:00 pm  –  Hawaii Yacht Club

●          Next General Meeting,  June 24th, 2004  2:00 pm – Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility


Robin asked if there was any further new business?

Hearing none, the meeting was adjourned.

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