March 8, 2007 Advisory Board

HOST Advisory Board Meeting

March 8, 2007

LTJG Quincey Adams                                              Warren B. Ditch Jr.                          

John Regan                                                               Bob Heidrich

Kimo Corstorphine                                                   Mike Jones

Brad Rimell                                                                Bill Mossman

Chris Woolaway                                                        Bill Davis

Kim Beasley                                                              Randy Swindell

George Butler                                                             Anne Stevens

Robin Bond Jr.                                                          CDR Kathleen Moore

Scott Osborn                                                             Robin Bond

Kevin Yim


Robin Bond asked for introductions.

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

Robin called the meeting to order.   A quorum was present.

AGENDA ITEM #2      Approval of the Minutes of last meeting.

A quorum is present.    Minutes for the February 8, 2007 Board Meeting were distributed for review.   The Minutes were approved by consensus.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $2,026.28.     We had income of $78.46 from the Combined Federal Campaign.    There were no expenditures this month.

AGENDA ITEM #4    Next Membership Meeting Topics

•           USCG report on the Casitas grounding.   It looks like this is a go.

•           State report on the 20/30.    This would be a brief report on the planning activities process that is just beginning.     This would be an opportunity to make people aware of the process and their opportunities to provide input.

•           USCG report on the Maritime Industry day and the use of EPIRBs.  Brad asked whether the old EPIRBs which are going to be phased out need to be changed out when testing life rafts?   The regulations are a little vague since life rafts need only change out there EPIRBs every 5 years.    CDR Kathleen Moore will check on the specific requirements and get back to him.

•           Robin asked whether it would be possible to put on a “live presentation” on the USCG Website “ Home Port ”.   We are hoping to have this ready for a demonstration for the next meeting.

•           Chris recalled that we had discussed a presentation on the NOAA IDEA Center .     That is the Integrated Data and Environmental Applications Center .    This would take about 15 minutes.

•           Multiple Ships Mooring SOP Update.    Kim felt that the subcommittee discussing the Multiple Ships at Lahaina and Kailua Kona may be able to present an update.    We will have to work on this between now and the next Board Meeting.

AGENDA ITEM #5    Pending HOST Safety Issues

•           SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Ships visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim reported that we will hopefully be holding a subcommittee meeting on this SOP revision in two weeks time.    That product will be brought to this committee for consideration.

•           SOP 10-98 (Draft) Vessel Dispersion Plan  –   The USCG is revisiting this subject for now.

•           Tug Assist SOP for the neighbor islands.    Nothing new at this time.  The final draft is at the Attorney General’s office for review.

•           Shore Entry Safety Subcommittee  –  Robin reports that nothing new has happened on this subject.

•           Harbor Congestion  –  Scott Cunningham is ready to work with HOST on this and Brad will set up an appointment.

•           Dead Ship at Anchor Subcommittee  –   CDR Kathleen Moore has taken a first look at reconstructing a risk based matrix.    This first attempt will be available for review and discussion.

AGENDA ITEM #6    Old Business

•           The parking situation at the Hawaii Yacht Club is still a concern.  We can’t seem to get a response out of the Ala Wai people.  Mike Jones said he would look into it.  He did look say that Ed Underwood has offered the Keehi Small Boat Harbor Conference Room.    It is free parking but is not very convenient.   Currently we are waiting for a response from DLNR on our proposal to have HOST specific parking passes.

AGENDA ITEM #7  New Business

•           Wreck Removal on Hawaii ’s Shorelines.   This came up at the last General Meeting.    The Captain of the Port was questioned about who has jurisdiction and what are the approved processes.    Since then the HAZMAT materials of fuel, batteries etc have been removed.   The marine debris remains.    Randy Cates was hired to “remove the wreck”.    The boat owner wants to walk away.  Is this a topic that HOST could bring value to facilitating a discussion.   In this case the State DOH and BOBOR have agreed to a one day permit to tow the vessel to sea for dumping.    Randy may not understand that he has what he needs.   Randy is not at the meeting.    It may be that we could create an SOP outlining a options matrix for obtaining permission to proceed with salvage of small vessels.   It could site specific regulations that may place constraints on such activities.

•           HOST Board Membership  –  Robin opened a discussion on the current list of Board Members.     Some of them don’t seem to be able to show up.    It may be time to go through the list with an idea of getting new members to fill the slots of members that don’t attend.    By going through the list we may be able to get someone more able to attend to fill Board positions and increase maritime representation.

•           User Group Meetings  –  Robin reported that he had a meeting with CDR Moore on HOST facilitating meeting for user groups that plan an event.    Mike Jones, with the DLNR, issues the permits for ocean events.    The permits say that the participants don’t have exclusive use of the ocean waters.    They must allow public access.    They post this information on their website.   People should be made aware of this website.    This should probably be something that would only be able to happen for the EXTRAORDINARY event, not the day to day.   It could be that we could create one of our brochures that highlighted some of these websites related to maritime safety issues i.e. DLNR’s and USCG Home Port, HOST’s as well as others.  Robin will add an agenda item where we ask whether anyone knows of an extraordinary event that may have safety issues which may need special consideration.    He will also add the DLNR website to our website.

AGENDA ITEM #8   USCG Concerns

•           CDR Kathy Moore reported that we have had another diving fatality on Molokini.   This was a SNUBA incident.    It seems as though pre-existing medical conditions have played an element in some of these incidents.    It would be nice to review SOP 5 -97 to see if it addresses anything that would help the passengers make better decisions.   A general and risk specific safety brief prior to activities is something that should be considered as a possible addition to this SOP.  A discussion prior to HIRSA has participated in the past but they do not necessarily represent everyone.

•           The USCG will be sponsoring a community meeting to discuss heavy weather lay up plans among other things.     This would be sometime in late May.

•           CDR Kathy Moore reported that the a vessel named the Irene Challenger sank in 1977.     If anyone has any information on this please let her know.       

AGENDA ITEM #9    –   State of Hawaii Concerns  ( DOT Harbors and DLNR)

•           No questions or concerns for DOT Harbors

•           Mike Jones announced that if anyone has any questions about the       harbor user fees give DOBOR a call.    They have several initiatives including increase haul out facilities at several harbors around the State.  We are seeing an increase in trailer able vessels and they are trying to improve the dry storage capacity to keep these trailers off of the road.

They will be holding their second parking plan meeting on the 28th of this month.    They will probably come up with a plan and it will definitely include a parking fee to improve facilities.   An agenda with more information will be sent to Robin for distribution.

AGENDA ITEM #10  –  Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues

•           John Regan reminded everyone that the USCG has representation on all of the neighbor islands.   If HOST wants to use the auxiliary for support just let them know.

AGENDA ITEM #11  –  Announcements:

•           Pearl Harbor Visitors Center is under pressure to close.   Patrick Grant is looking for support from the maritime community.   If you would like to see this great project continue please let you State Representatives know.

•           Bill Mossman reported that there is a Bill still alive in the House to provide for a transitional period during which high octane non-ethanol gasoline.  Perhaps HOST could send a letter to the hearings in support due to the safety issues.   Everyone agreed and Robin will prepare a letter.  


Executive Board Meeting:

            April 12th,   3:00 pm ,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor .

General Membership Meeting:

April 19th,  2:00 pm ,  Honolulu Community College Maritime Training Center .

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