February 9, 2006 Advisory Board


February 9, 2006

Kim Beasley                                                              LCDR Rick Raksnis

Jeff Conners                                                              Bob Heidrich                        

Chris Woolaway                                                        LCDR Mike Heisler             

Robin Bond                                                                LTJG Quincey Adams

Arlen Walsten                                                            Bill Mossman

Brad Rimell                                                                Randy Swindell

John Thielst                                                               

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

            Robin called the meeting to order.   A quorum is present.

AGENDA ITEM #2      Approval of the Minutes of last meeting.

The Minutes from the last two meetings have not been completed so can’t be considered at this time.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway report that we currently have $1,028.97.   In addition

the Propeller Club contributed $250.00. for their commitment to the Christmas party.

AGENDA ITEM #4    Next Membership Meeting Topics

•           Lt. Quincey Adams will make a presentation on the final Security Zone regulations.   These went into effect on January 18, 2006 .

•           The USCG will present a summary of the Major Findings on the Cape Flattery grounding.  This will include the lessons learned.

•           Richard Rice from DLNR will talk about some current rule updates.

•           Bill Anonsen will speak to issues that will be brought up to the Legislature for consideration.

•           Nezette Rydell of the National Weather Service will speak to current Weather Service initiatives.

Jeff Conners suggested that State Harbors be invited to update us on the State Harbors new proposed rules regarding Tug Assist for Cruise Ships.  This has been a HOST initiative for almost a year.   Nothing is final before public review.    However, they have requested contributions from both the cruise industry and the pilots.   This information has supposedly been given to State Harbors.    They have said that they will review this input and consider what their proposal will be.    That proposal will be put up for public review. Robin will contact the State on this issue.

AGENDA ITEM #5    Pending HOST Safety Issues

•           Safety at Sea Seminar  –  Hopefully Rick Shema will be able to pick up lead on this effort as Susan Jacquelin will be moving to San Francisco in March.    Currently we have no seminars planned.        

•           SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Ships visiting Offshore Port Anchorages.

Kim reported that he had an opportunity to meet with Richard Rice, Hal Silva and Nancy Murphy to remind then of HOST’s interest in attending a multiple cruise ship visit in Kona.    Now we are ready to coordinate with the Pilots to see if we can identify an opportunity to go to Kailua-Kona.

•           SOP 10-98 (Draft) Vessel Dispersion Plan  –  LCDR Rick Raksnis.

He is looking to hand this off to someone as yet unidentified because it looks like it may be a topic that will outlast his tenure here in Hawaii .

•           Shore Entry Safety Subcommittee  –  Robin     Ralph Goto, of City and County Ocean Safety, has expressed interest in participating with this committee.   He suggested that we revive the use of Obelisks to mark areas where people have died due to shoreline accidents.    This in conjunction with brochures to educate divers on what these obelisks mean.   Participation of the Fire Department and Ocean Safety will be valuable.    The Coast Guard will also be able to participate in identifying troubling areas.

AGENDA ITEM #6    Old Business

Critique of the 2006 Ocean Sports Expo HOST Booth.    Although it was a small turnout Robin thought the program was excellent.  There was a lot of competition from the Super Bowl and the Punahou Carnival among others.    HIRSA, the Dive Group, had their Annual Meeting on Friday and Robin went and gave a presentation.   Robin thanked the volunteers who participated in supporting the HOST booth.

One-man Kayak safety education meeting update.   Robin has yet to find someone who can come and speak to us on this subject.

AGENDA ITEM #7  New Business

•           Harbor Safety Committee of the Year  –  The National Harbor Safety Conference is asking for nominations for Harbor Safety Committee of the Year.    We don’t really have anything new for this year.   Robin asked whether anyone objected to us not putting in an application for 2005.    Hearing no objections, that’s what we will do.

•           Friday Night Sailboat Races  –  Bob Heidrich reported that DLNR cancelled the Friday night sailboat races.     These races have been going on for 30 years.    As of now we are not sure what the status of these races will be in the future.   Apparently DLNR has been sued and this may be the bases of this problem.   More to follow.

AGENDA ITEM #8   USCG Concerns

•           The e-mail addresses for the USCG have changed.   Be sure to check your e-mail lists.    About three weeks ago everything that Robin sent to the State of Hawaii came back with the declaration that he was a “spammer”.     It took sometime to get this corrected.

            Admiral Wurster will be leaving the D-14 Command.    Capt Vince Adkin will be replacing Captain Brown as COTP.    He will be coming out of USCG headquarters.   

            The USCG is getting a new 87 foot cutter name the “Ahi”.    She is a new boat that has a good history.

            Captain Tucher, currently located in Hawaii , will be replacing Captain Paula Carroll.     Also Captain Terry Rice, USCG Retired, will be moving to Seattle .   He has taken a civilian position with District 13.

AGENDA ITEM #9    –   State of Hawaii Concerns  ( DOT Harbors and DLNR)

•           No representative from the State was present.

AGENDA ITEM #10  –  Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues  –  John Regan was unable to make it today and there are no issues to report.

AGENDA ITEM #11  –  Announcements:

•           Chris Woolaway announced that there is an economic study being conducted to look at the economic impact on marine debris, including entanglements and other marine casualties.   This came up at a Marine Debris Conference.    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where this type of information can be captured.  The USCG doesn’t really record this type of information.   LCDR Rick Raksnis said he would see if the USCG has any information.

•           The brochure regarding the State’s pump-out facilities is now complete.   This will be sent out to approximately 12,000 potentially interested boaters by mail.    These would be mainly vessels with holding tanks.   DLNR is paying for this mail out.

            Bob Heidrich pointed out that there are a number of boats that are documented on the mainland rather than being “registered” with the State of Hawaii .   Kent Richards of the USCG District office may be able to come up with a list.    However, this may not be “public information”.

Robin asked if there were any further comments.   Hearing none he adjourned the meeting.


Executive Board Meeting:

            March 9th,   3:00 pm ,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in

            the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor .

General Membership Meeting:

            April 20th,   2:00 pm ,   Honolulu Community College Marine

                        Education Training Center just over the bridge off Sand Island Road .

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