September 11, 2008 Advisory Board

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team   

 Advisory Board Meeting

 September 11, 2008 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club

Kimo Corstorphine                                                              Warren B. Ditch Jr.

Bill Mossman                                                                        Brad Rimell

Chris Woolaway                                                                   Randy Swindell

LT Marcella Granquist                                                         LT Jeff Taylor

Bob Heidrich                                                                         Robin Bond

Douglas Smith                                                                     Bill Anonsen

1.    1500 (3:00 pm) Call to order – Introductions – Meeting was called to order by Robin Bond at 3:00 pm and Doug Smith from DLNR Boating was introduced.

2.    Approval of last Board and Membership meeting minutes – Meeting minutes were not approved as there was not a quorum.  Any suggestions for changes should be sent on to Robin.

3.    Treasurer’s Report – Chris – We have $1,999.43 in the HOST checking account. Robin asked Chris to follow up on the time table for the Combined Federal Campaign.

4.    HOST Membership Meeting of August 21 – Critique – The meeting went well was well attended.

5.    HOST Board of Directors – Officers – As of July there have not been any additional nominations so the Board recommended having the current Advisory Board members continue to serve.  If members would like to comment or have further input please contact Chris Woolaway and she will take the recommendations to the Board so that there can be a vote at the next meeting when there is a quorum.

6.   October 16, 2008 Possible Membership Topics:

a.    Review navigational topics new charts, new monuments and navigational aids in Ala Wai: Jeff Taylor

b.    Whale Sanctuary Boater Training Overview – Jeff Walters

c.    Invasive Species Reporting Practices:  Bill Mossman

d.    Invasive Species Inspection Fees and California Container Tax:  Bill  Anonsen

e.    USCG Derelict Vessel Overview: Kathy Moore (30 min.)

f.   New Ballast Water Update Recreational & Commercial Vessels: Bill Mossman & Brad Rimell. 9th Circuit Court exempted recreational vessels. (Check out September Hawaii Fishing News Page 11 Bill Mossman’s letter for more detail.) The reporting process has changed Brad will talk to DOA if there is time. The rules already apply to commercial vessels.

7.    Pending HOST Issues:

      A. Tug Assist – Robin will write to Davis Yogi (Bill will draft the letter and send it to Robin.

      b. Multiple Cruise Ship – Nothing new to report.

8.    Old Business:

A. Flare Sub-Committee will meet in the beginning of Oct. Chris will coordinate this meeting.

B. Hawaii Fishing & Sea Food Festival-Sunday Oct. 12th volunteers are needed for the HOST booth.

9.    New Business:

a.    Concern about divers in the Kewalo Basin and other channels – Robin will check with HIRSA on this issue.  The question came up about safety of blue water diving off of Kona and Koko Head; Robin volunteered to see about reorganizing the Shoreline Diving Sub-Committee to address safety concerns from shore.

10.  USCG Concerns:

The memorial service will be held tomorrow (Sept. 12) at 10:00 am at the Air Station.  In consideration for the families it is by invitation only.

11. State of Hawaii Concerns:

a.    Doug reported that there will be another ad hoc Ala Wai parking committee meeting on Sept. 24. DOBOR has hired a facilitator to handle the additional issues. Robin mentioned the challenges that HOST has had dealing with parking during the HOST Advisory Board meetings.  Doug said that he would look into it

b.    There are a number of bills being drafted and public meetings planned on Administrative Rues and changes to HRS. 

c.    DOBOR is updating the State Comprehensive Plan

12.    Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues: Ed Lott should be back at the November meeting.

13. NOAA-Coastal Survey:

            Jeff Taylor mentioned the Oct.15, NOAA Blue Bag Presentation on Port Management at NOAA office at 737 Bishop St. 

14. Announcements:

a.    Harbor Pilot’s convention is being held on Kauai (Poipu) October 23 after the NOAA presentation here in Honolulu.

b.    In Hawaii the Industry Advisory Board meets quarterly. The Board was initiated by the USCG as the results of the Vice Admiral’s survey.

15.  Next meetings:   Advisory Board Meeting: October 9, 2008

                     Membership Meeting: October 16, 2008

16.    Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)

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