November 13, 2008 Advisory Board

HOST Advisory Board Meeting

November 13, 2008

Bob Heidrich                                                             Kim Beasley                         

Robin Bond                                                              Kimo Corstorphine                         

Paula Carroll                                                            Lt. Marcella Granquist

Bob Heidrich                                                            Terry Rice

Douglas Smith                                                         Anne Stevens

Lt. Jeffrey Taylor                                                       Lanky Morrill

Kim Beasley

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

 Robin called the meeting to order.   A quorum was not present.

AGENDA ITEM #2     Approval of the Minutes of last meeting.

Minutes for the last meeting were not approved due to a lack of a quorum.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway was unable to attend.  Current funds total $2,668.81.    

AGENDA ITEM #4    HOST Board of Directors

Because we don’t have a quorum we will not hold elections today but by consensus it was agreed that the existing officers should serve another term.

AGENDA ITEM #5    Pending HOST Safety Issues

•           SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Ships visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim is drafting a letter for Robin’s signature.   It will be to the DLNR Harbor agent, Nancy Murphy, recapping what our review consisted of and the results.

•           Tug Assist SOP for the neighbor islands.    Nothing new at this time.  The final draft is at the Attorney General’s office for review.  We are hoping for approval to go to public hearing in the early fall timeframe.

•           Shore Entry Safety Subcommittee – Robin reported that the subject has been put on hold and is therefore put to sleep.  He did report that there was a near miss between one of the City Barber’s Point ferries nearly running over a diver that surfaced immediately in front  it.   Possibly we can write up a “near miss” report and distribute it to be posted at the dive shops.

AGENDA ITEM #6    Old Business

•           Flare disposal project – Ann Stevens reported that the 93rd Civil Support Team (Lt. Col Tray Johnson) may be willing to dispose of them.   More to follow.

•           Hawaii Fishing & Seafood Festival – Future events?    Robin reported that we (HOST) signed up for a booth at the festival but ultimately couldn’t find anyone to man the booth.   We need to not “cry wolf” on these events.    We either need to be more selective in choosing events or be more supportive when we do sign up.

AGENDA ITEM #7  New Business

AGENDA ITEM #8   USCG Concerns

•           CDR Kathy Moore  –  Nothing at this time.

AGENDA ITEM #9   –   State of Hawaii Concerns  (DOT Harbors and DLNR)

•           Bill Davis  –  Nothing at this time

AGENDA ITEM #10  –  Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues

•           John Regan was absent

AGENDA ITEM #11  –  Announcements:

            •           Small Passenger Vessel Industry Day will be held on the 27th of  February at the Japanese Cultural Center.   More information to    

Executive Board Meeting:

            December 11, 4;00 pm, prior to the Christmas Party at the Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

General Membership Meeting:

December 11, 2008 at 5:00 pm. This will be the HOST Christmas Party.

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