June 19, 2008 Membership Meeting


Thursday, June 19, 2008

2:00 – 4:00 pm


10 Sand Island Access Road (Right after drawbridge)

The meeting was called to order by Brad Rimell, HOST Vice Chair. There were 19 members in attendance. Matt Leong was introduced.

  1. A general discussion took place to review HOST SOP’s and to identify any maritime safety concerns. Ed Lott brought up the concern about the expired flares and we gave a brief update as to the problem.  The discussion continued that there has been formed a HOST Subcommittee trying to find solutions.  Those in attendance were asked if they wanted to participate.

The Department of Homeland Security and State Civil Defense discussed guideline practices concerning liability taken from experiences as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

            National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program: Oil Spill Response Exercise is sector based and scheduled every 2 or 3 years. This industry led exercise is scheduled for this September.  Planning has started with the State DOH, industry, NOAA and EPA in attendance. 

  1. The Coast Guard gave an update on the Marine Safety Performance Improvement Plan.

Robin will get an electronic copy of the Plan.  Capt Compagnoni gave his goals which are:

1. Reduce maritime causalities

2. Improve service

3. Internal Management with CG Marine inspectors increased and a balance how many military personnel to civilian will be trained.

4. Engineering & Rule making

5. Performance Measures

6. Improve Opportunities: Lt. Nicole Bonney (new marine inspector) will provide industry training.  There will be more maritime graduates being brought into marine inspection.

The CG will update HOST over the next couple of months 

Tow Industry: Kathy update on the changes to the tow boat industry:  Tugs will now be an inspected vessel.  Early this fall Industry Day will focus specifically on the Tow boat industry.  This change will impact the Coast Guard as 7,000 vessels will have to be inspected.  The rules will be very specific.  Brad suggested ride-a-along.  Kathy said that they would be interested.  Brad will facilitate this.  In the past CG hasn’t had the number of people to ride along to the moorings.  Capt. Compagnoni went on a ride along with Chevron and it was very productive.


The HTA (Hawaii Transportation Assoc): Their meeting will be held in July.

TWIC:  The final rules on TWIC enforcement and it may be implemented sooner than planned.  Port of Hilo & Long Beach had black 7,000 pictures.  These have been shipped back there will be a reissue from GSA 

Safety Committee: Admiral Jim Watson stayed the entire time and participated in all of the sessions Risk Modeling was one of the focuses.  NOAA’s Port System compiled environment assessment surface and sub surface exact calculations and surge wave lengths.

American Pilots Association: Meeting in October.

 Marine Transportation Recovery: What is the best way to recover after a major event-What are the first 90 days and long-term issues?

Paddling:  Outrigger Regatta Season starts.

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