July 9, 2009 Advisory Board

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team   

 Advisory Board Meeting

July 9, 2009 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club


Ed Lott                                                                        Terry Rice

Warren B. Ditch, Jr.                                                 LCDR Marcella Granquist

Bob Heidrich                                                             Brad Rimell

Bill Mossman                                                             Chris Woolaway

LCDR Jeffrey Taylor                                                John Thielst

Oy Branum                                                                Robin Bond

1.    1500 (3:00 pm) Call to order – Introductions

            1508 call to order, there was a quorum

2.    Approval of last Board meeting minutes

            Last meeting minutes were not previously submitted, so no action

3.    Treasurer’s Report – Chris

            There was $2,672.96 in the checking account. We have expended $934.24 for reimbursement of the Annual Harbor Safety Conference registration and hotel charges to Robin for his participation.  This leaves $1,738.72 currently in checking.

4.    Critique of the June 18 HOST Membership meeting

            The meeting went well. The review of the Hurricane exercise brought a lot of questions and answers. Some important take home information was that companies really need to review their plans and that the community needs to understand that it might take a week for shipping to resume.  There was a special event where both Brad and Robin were presented the United States Coast Guard Commandant Certificate of Merit awards by Capt. Compagnoni. The full texts of the awards are included in the June 18, 2009 meeting notes and on the website.

5.    August 27, 2009 Membership Meeting Topics

            Suggested topics include National Angler Recreational Fishery Register:  Bill Mossman

            Falls of Clyde Presentation:  Bruce McEwan

            USCG Presentation on the Waterway Watch Program:  Lori/Ed Lott

6.    Pending HOST Issues:

a.              Shore entry dive safety – Robin

                       Nothing new to report

b.            Flare disposal project – Chris

                  Bob Heidrich has contacted Latitude 38 to ask for help and he and Bill Mossman will contact Boat US.  They will update us when they get a response.  Robin mentioned that at the Annual Harbor Safety Committee Conference flare disposal seemed to be a universal problem.

7.    Old Business

a.            Falls of Clyde update – Chris

           The Falls is scheduled for dry-dock on or about July 29, 2009.  There have been requests for accompanying the Falls when she is moved.  We will be looking at how to deal with potential safety concerns.

b.            HOST Networking:

IMO International Maritime Organization – Safety Bulletin

Honolulu Sail & Power Squadron – Safe Boating Class

NOAA Blue Bag Lecture – NOAA Maritime Heritage Program

Invitation to be on the NOAA Hydrographic Services Review Panel

C.        HOST Advisory Board

                        The Advisory Board needs to find representation from “Domestic Shipping”.                                                                                            

8.    New Business

New ethanol increases in gasoline planned per Bill Mossman.  Robin will send out Bill’s letter which has recommendations to satisfy the needs of the action but not impact boaters negatively. 

9.    United States Coast Guard Concerns

Robin attended CDR Kathy Moore’s going away luncheon and reported on the luncheon and he discussed the recognition that will be coming for her from HOST.

Both Security Zone brochures are on line and they are looking for printing support.  They would like to make the printed brochures waterproof.

John Theist reported that the moorings have been impacted by boaters’ short cutting through that security zone.  Damage has been caused to the fuel lines.

The range marker at Ward Ave. which was knocked down by a driver will be replaced in about 6-9 months and it will not be located on land.

10.  State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR)

                  No representation-No report

11. Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues – Ed Lott and John Regan

Ed discussed the America Waterway Watch, which is a priority to Adm. Brown.  There have been presentations at Coconut Island and Koko Marina.  Ed will check with John if he will be coming to the HOST meetings, and let us know.

12. NOAA – Coastal Survey – LCDR. Jeff Taylor

Jeff discussed the side scan sonar equipment that is now available and can be used on vessels of opportunity.  The Honolulu Harbor survey showed distribution of sand that will need US Army Corps and DOT Harbors collaboration to remove.  NOAA reconnaissance of tides and currents will begin in Hawaii in November 2009 followed by placement of current meters that will stay in place for 6 months.  During August 18-28 Coast Pilot work begins for Maui County.  If there are any concerns please let Jeff know.  Brad mentioned that he has a barge going to Lanai on Aug.24, 2009.

13. Announcements:

            The Kahana returned from Midway with recyclables on April 7 & May 23.  The Kahana returns from Palmyra on July 12 or 13.  The Walnut returns from NWHI and a marine debris cleanup on July 12 or 13th.

14. Next meetings AdvisoryBoard Meeting: August 13, 2009

                              Membership Meeting: August 27, 2009

15. Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)

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