February 11, 2010 Advisory Board


Advisory Board Meeting

February 11, 2010 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club

Oy Branum                                Paula Carroll                                            Warren B. Ditch Jr.                                        LCDR Marcella Granquist

Bob Heidrich                            Clifford Inn                                                Ed Lott                                                            Terry Rice

Don Sanders                            Douglas Smith                                        Jeff Taylor                                                        Mark Winslow

Chris Woolaway                       Robin Bond

1.     Call to Order (3:00 pm)

2.     Approval of the Minutes of last meeting. (1/14/10)

3.     Treasurer’s Report – Chris reported that there is $3,940.28 in the bank.

4.     February 18, 2010 General Membership Meeting Topics

            Ports & Waterways Assessment – USCG

            ATDC update on the Harbor fill in. – Aloha Tower

            Whale Season Update – Chris Brammer

            Dive SOP – Robin

5.     Pending HOST Safety Issues

a.    Flare disposal project – Chris

b.    Alpha dive flags on dive boats – Neil

6.     Old Business  

a.    Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris.

b.    Update Advisory Board. Domestic and Foreign shipping industries. Ocean Recreation/Recreational Boaters improvement

c.    Need to review and update SOPs

7.     New Business

a.    2010 Hawaii Ocean Expo (Feb. 27 – 28)  – To share a booth with Hawaii Goes Fishing        

b.    Ron Mizutani Editorial – Canoe races in the Ala Wai Channel

8.     USCG Concerns

9.     State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR)

11.   Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues

12.   NOAA Issues

13.   Power Squadron Issues

14.   Announcements:

15.   Next Meetings:       AdvisoryBoard Meeting: March 11, 2010

                                               Membership Meeting: February 18, 2010

16.   Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)

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