April 15, 2010 Membership Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2010
2:00 – 4:00 pm
10 Sand Island Access Road (Right after drawbridge)


The meeting was called to order by HOST Chair Robin Bond. There were 43 members in attendance. 
1. Ed Underwood from State DLNR and CDR Jason Neubauer from the Coast Guard made presentations to clarify the recent statements made by the State regarding canoe racing in various navigable channels. In March, the State had made two statements, one that there would be no more canoe races in Ala Wai, Keehi and Maunalua channels. Later, they restated the situation that canoe races would be allowed but the clubs would have to hire State DLNR enforcement personnel at $1,500 per race to close the channels. These statements caused much confusion and drew serious outrage by canoe clubs. The Coast Guard overall concerns presented were:

Safety-That there is an adequate number of safety assets in relation to the number of participants.

    Location/Timing-Is the event in navigable channel or high traffic areas?

    Environmental Impact-Is the event planned in a State or Federal environmentally sensitive area?

    Security-Does the event need fallout, buffer or other zone?

    Fire Hazard-Will the event involve fireworks, flares, or other type of pyrotechnics?

At the earlier HOST Advisory Board meeting on April 8, HOST had invited the same two speakers to explain the States and Coast Guards position and the canoe representatives that attended asked to have the same presentation made at the membership meeting where more people could attend.
Ed Underwood assured the members that race permits would be available as have been done for the past 30 years and that the channels would need to be closed only on special very large events such as fireworks displays. It was agreed that the canoe clubs would continue to work with the short staffed DLNR to make permits easier to obtain and follow. Bob Heinrich asked about the Yacht Clubs race start in the channel. Ed suggested that the Yacht Clubs apply for another permit and he sees no reason why they can’t start in the turnaround area as they did before.

2. LCDR Jeff Taylor from NOAA gave an informative presentation on the Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS). He gave a through overview and explained what Hawaii should do to speed up the installation and possibly have the Federal government cover the cost of the system.

3. Bruce McEwan gave an update on the status of the Falls of Clyde. The Friends have completed a Pre-Dry Dock Request for Proposals (RFP) which will bring in the cost estimates for dry dock.  This RFP will be used in the upcoming Saving America’s Treasurers Grant application.  The Friends have received a small grant to hire a part-time technical project manager to direct work at pier side.  The resolution of the Pfeiffer Endowment is scheduled for an April 29th court date with all involved supportive of the Endowment following the Falls.  

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