October 13, 2005 Advisory Board

HOST Advisory Board Meeting

October 13, 2005

Bill Mossman                                                             Arlen Walsten

Bob Heidrich                                                             John Regan

Chris Woolaway                                                        Kimo Corstorphine              

Robin Bond                                                                Scott Osborn

Susan Jacquelin                                                        Brad Rimell

James Bruce                                                             Tom Heberle                                     

LCDR Rick Raksnis                                                 Randy Swindell

Rich Davison                                                             Roy Yanagihara

Robbie Bond                                                             Richard Rice


AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order 3:04 (1504)

            Robin called the meeting to order.    A quorum was not present.

AGENDA ITEM #2    Approval of the Minutes of last 2 meetings was held until a quorum was present.  Minutes were approved after the Treasurers Report when a quorum was present.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we have a total of $1,180.92. 

AGENDA ITEM #4    Next Membership Meeting Topics   ( October 20, 2005 )

●       Maritime Security-Cruise Ship Update – Bill Anonsen – His presentation will be approximately 40 minutes.

●       Americas Waterways Watch – US Coast Guard – Presentation should have a video or a PowerPoint presentation.

●      Sharing the Bay video from San Francisco Bay – Robin

●      Honolulu Harbor Festival – Discussion of HOST Booth – Susan

       Suggestion to have a safety briefing for one man canoes that are beginning their race season. Should have a pre-race safety briefing. The races require a permit which may be able to contain a safety message.  Robin asked Rich to get the name and phone number of the race director of Kanaka Ikaika and suggest that a representative to come to the next meeting. 

AGENDA ITEM #5 Christmas Party – The next membership meeting will be the Christmas party and will be on December 8, 2005 . The December Board meeting will precede the party at 4pm with the party to start at 5pm and end at 9:00 .  We need funds and door prizes. Robin will ask Kim to do a flyer. Susan will work with the galley. There is a real parking problem but we will try to work it out.  Last year we had 50 or 60 people. The DBOR only gives 25 parking passes at the Friday evening functions.  Bob was asked to work with Nick. Could see if we could get additional parking permits. 

AGENDA ITEM #6   Pending HOST Issues-

  1. SOP 6-98 Commercial VHF Comms-Robin/Scott: discussion about attaching the map of VHF/FM Radio Coverage in Hawaii . Bill Mossman suggested that it is a good educational tool.  The decision for the map is to see what needs to be updated and use language for the map that it is a recommendation and it is not as a part of the SOP.  Robin will work with Scott and Rick to do the map as an appendix. 
  • Safety at Sea Subcommittee – Susan/Rick:  Susan said that the next training will be at the Harbor Fest which is on November 6th.  The presentations may be abbreviated to do “The Coast Guard and You” in the morning then again in the afternoon.  Details are still being worked out.  The tug hula is back on the list of the events at the Fest.    We need to get folks to help man the booth.  It might be good to hand out SOPs.  Susan will check on the SOPs.
  • SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Vessel Visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim/Robin:  Recap on the trip to Lahaina to review procedures for handling the multiple cruise ships in port.  DLNR did an outstanding job of handling the traffic, Hal Silva is the harbor master.  The HOST folks had a few suggestions that might make the situation better, such as give DLNR harbor staff more visual height  (build a tower above the roof), get them out the elements and increase the staffing.

Richard Rice said that Hal& staff are doing a great job even though they are at 80% staffing.  The Captains with the cruise ships are great and the interplay between DLNR and the ship captains works well.  What we have is 50 year old harbors with 21st Century demands.   There needs to be a better management plan.  There needs to be input and assistance from the community for improvements.  DBOR just got approved for a federal grant of $11 million to replace sewer and offices.  Lahaina pier will take a full EIS. 

Brad said that the community and the state are asking too much of the staff at Lahaina and that may result in an accident.  The situation is not set up to be sustaining. 

There have been a number of accidents when Hal was not on duty.  HOST recommendations will be seen by the Lahaina staff.  The HOST Subcommittee needs to work closely with Richard Rice.

  • Tug Assistance -Tom/Troy:  The recommendations have been turned over to          DOT.  DOT hopes to have something in place for the 2006 Legislature.  Brad recommended that the subcommittee needs to check with San Francisco or LA Long Beach to see what they do regarding assist tugs.  Tom said that the pilots take out the ships at San Francisco and that the tankers use an escort at LA Long Beach.  Rick Raksnis will check with the Coast Guard in California .
  • SOP 10-98 (Draft) Vessel Dispersion Plan – LCDR Rick Raksnis:  The subcommittee will meet early in November for the first meeting.  A key part of the plan will be which vessels will be able to stay in port.  The facility owners have to be comfortable with who stays.

AGENDA ITEM #7`    New Business

•           Dive Safety issue was brought up with the recent rescue of two divers off Portlock Point.  The limited points of entry and exit are of concern.  This may be a good issue for a subcommittee. Ideas were shared such as putting out a cautionary notice in Dive Shops, etc.   Robin will check with HIRSA. 

AGENDA ITEM #8    USCG Concerns – 8 people from Sector Honolulu have gone to New Orleans and Texas . They are staying in hotels, cars and tents.  When things wrap up it would be good to schedule a presentation during a membership meeting about their experiences.  There is an upcoming security event on Oct. 24th with Coast Guard, Civil Defense, National Guard and the Hawaii Responder.

AGENDA ITEM #9    State of Hawaii Concerns – Shared earlier by Richard Rice.

AGENDA ITEM #10    Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues – John Regan announced a Boating Law Administration Workshop on November 17th. Robin and Brad will make a presentation on HOST.  Kent Richards is the point of contact.

AGENDA ITEM #11    Announcements


Advisory Board Meeting:  November 3, 2005, 1500, Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor .

Membership Meeting:  October 20, 2005, 1400, Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility

Annual Party:  December 8, 2005, 1400, Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor .

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