Our Mission

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team (HOST) serves as the Harbor Safety Committee for Hawaii. Our purpose is to enhance ocean safety by providing a forum for communication between government, industry, and the public. All members are able to bring safety issues before the HOST Committee; Membership and participation in HOST is open to the public.

What We Do

HOST provides a forum to bring the interests of various groups together for open, honest communication.

Since its formation in 1998, HOST has tackled a number of issues to make Hawaii’s waters safer and cleaner. For example, HOST has advocated for Aids to Navigation improvements, addressed pollution and garbage dumping on Hawaii’s beaches, and helped resolve conflicts between commercial harbor users as well as recreational boaters, surfers and jet-skiers. An archive of previous HOST meeting minutes is maintained on this site.

HOST develops and agrees upon Safe Operating Practices (SOPs) when necessary to provide for effective and efficient operations and evolutions.

Harbor Safety Committees

Harbor Safety Committees (HSCs) are local committees that address issues that may include the safety, security, mobility, and environmental protection of a port or waterway.  Membership is typically comprised of representatives of governmental agencies, maritime labor and industry organizations, and public interest groups. These members work very closely together for the mutual benefit of all waterway users and stakeholders.

HSCs provide a public – private partnership toward ensuring effective, safe, secure and environmental sound maritime operations, providing a communication channel between the private sector and the government agencies with waterway responsibilities as well as communication between the many involved user and stakeholder entities (Source: Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee).

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