May 13, 2004 Advisory Board



Robin Bond, Chairman                                            Susan Harper, Yacht Clubs

Kim Beasley, CIC                                                     Bob Heidrich, HYC

Bill Mossman , HBPAA                                           Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant

Sinclair Brown                                                          Arlen Walsten

Julia Morgan                                                            Captain Tim Skuby, USCG             

John Regan                                                              Brian Siperly, Chevron

Francis Pekelo                                                         Mike Tongg

Richard Davison                                                      Hector Venegas

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Introductions  –  Robin introduced Brian Siperly the new Chevron representative taking the place of Clarence Chong.

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum being present he asked for a review of the minutes of the previous meeting.   Arlen Walsten moved for approval, Bob Heidrich seconded the motion and the minutes were approved by consensus.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $1,139.   We are still looking for donations to help recoup our money from sending Robin to the Harbor Safety Conference.

AGENDA Item #4  –  Next Membership Meeting Topics

●          NOAA Weather Broadcasts.   Robin opened the discussion by suggesting that we ask NOAA Weather Service if they would give a presentation about their efforts to improve weather broadcasts in the Hawaii area.  Their recent presentation at the Waikiki Yacht Club was very informative.  Discussion followed and the consensus was to invite them to give a mini-version of their presentation.

●          Incidental Spill Response.  Another topic that has been brought up in the past is incidental spill response in DLNR harbors throughout the State.   There had previously been an inquiry from the DLNR maintenance crew on Kauai asking whether sorbents could be provided.   The State Department of Health said they might be willing to provide an initial stash of materials but only if there was a system to replace them if they were used.    We may or may not be able to use this topic depending upon who we could get to discuss the subject.

●          AIS Requirements.   The new Maritime Transportation Security Act has a provision requiring a greater number of vessels to carry an Automatic Identification System transmitter.     This applies on to areas that have a Vessel Tracking System (VTS)  to receive the signals.    Captain Skuby was asked whether the USCG could provide someone to speak to the regulation.    He said he would find someone.    Kim asked if anyone was familiar with new regulations that we present some of the design specifications of the transmitters.    The intent of that proposed legislation is to make the transmitters more affordable.   They are currently about $10,000.  Hector Venegas  said that he hadn’t heard any news on the regs but he would be willing to bring some information and present it at the meeting.   Everyone agreed this would be a good topic.

●          Hurricane Information.   Robin pointed out that he has approached State Civil Defense to see if they would provide someone to discuss the upcoming hurricane season forecast.    This may go hand in hand with the NOAA Weather Service presentation.    The focus of this presentation would be on how the warnings are issued and possible protection strategies for mariners.    Everyone agreed this would be a good topic.

AGENDA Item #5  –  2004 Boat Show and Ocean Expo.  May 22nd and 23rd.

Robin reminded everyone that HOST has committed to having a booth at the upcoming Boat Show to be held at Ko’olina starting May 22nd.    The booth will be next to the KEMS Kewalo booth so that they can help us to man it if we run short of manpower.    We are looking for volunteers still.   Mike Nelson donated the booth and the tent.    Kim will print up handouts on the EPIRB and VHF regulations, as well as a poster on ship building in Hawaii .   We also have some of our brochures left.    We can also pass out copies of the current SOPs.   Last year it was a rather large turn out and it will probably be about the same this year.

AGENDA Item #6  –  Safety at Sea Subcommittee

Susan Harper has agreed to chair a Safety at Sea Subcommittee.   So far they have held one meeting at the Kaneohe Yacht Club to kick ideas around.    They discussed the role of HOST in informing cruising people about ocean hazards and preparations for off shore inter-island or cross Pacific voyages.    It was felt that HOST could play a role by researching the subject and perhaps putting out a brochure or pamphlet.   Possibly a section could be added to the website.   We might also be able to set up a Safety at Sea Seminar.   It was pointed out that it has been about 10 years since the last one.     They will be meeting again to begin to research what other organizations have done.  The next meeting will be June 23rd at 5:00 pm at the Kaneohe Yacht Club.   Anyone caring to join in is welcome.

AGENDA Item  #7  –  New Safety Issues  –  Canoes in Honolulu Harbor

Robin introduced Mr. Mike Tongg, a long time Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association member/past president, and a well known member of the canoeing community.   The topic was brought to HOST by Navatek.   Recently they had a near miss incident in Honolulu Harbor with a canoe.    It seems that canoes don’t understand that large vessels can’t stop on a dime.    Sometimes they misjudge their speed and clearances in front of vessels and a near miss or collision could result.   About 5 years ago it was a problem and Navatek initiated a program of giving free rides on its cruises to canoeists so that they could see first hand the navigational restrictions faced by large vessels.    They felt the program worked well and are willing to do it again.   The question is how do we reach out to the canoeing folks.   

Mike Tongg noted that there are two canoeing associations and that they have annual meetings.    He would be pleased to act as a “go between” to see if he can bring this message to these groups.   He will follow up with Robin on trying to set something up.

AGENDA Item  #8  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

a.         SOP 6-98 Commercial VHF Comms.  –  Hector

A mailing list has been prepared and he will be mailing and faxing it out next week.

b.         SOP 8-98 Explosive Handling  –  Revisions

            Nothing to report on this effort yet.

c.         Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin

Nothing new to report on this because there is currently litigation going on and people are unable to comment on the issue.        

d.         PR Education Subcommittee

            The HOST mailing list is complete.   Copies were passed out for review.  In the future we may be able to use this list to send out  brochures as attachments.    Please review list.

e.         SOP 9-98 Use of Seafarer’s Hall for Temporary Shelter

            Nothing new on this yet.

AGENDA Item  #9  –   Homeland Security  – Capt. Skuby

Captain Skuby stated that applications were being accepted for the Phase Four Port Security Grants.   These will be for infrastructure improvements for MTSA affected facilities.    Applications will be accepted through June 9th.

AGENDA Item  #10  –   State of Hawaii Concerns

State of Hawaii has no HOST issues or concerns at this time.

AGENDA Item  #11  –   Announcements          

Sea Grant Hawai’i Newsletter

Chris Woolaway distributed copies of the Spring 2004 Sea Grant newsletter called “Makai”.    She was successful in getting an article referencing harbor security impacts and HOST.   A good informational effort.  We have also been mentioned in Hawaiian Fishing News and other magazines due to Tesoro advertising.

Fish and Wildlife Service Managers Fund

Bill Mossman pointed out that the US Fish and Wildlife Service gives about $700,000 dollars to the State of Hawaii annually.    He is looking in to where this money is going.    Who is asking for it?   Is money available to help fund HOST projects.     He will report on his findings.

The next meetings are as follows:

●          Next Board Meeting,   June 17th , 2004   3:00 pm   –  Hawaii Yacht Club

●          Next Board Meeting,   July 8th, 2004   3:00 pm   –  Hawaii Yacht Club

●          Next General Meeting,  June 24th , 2004   2:00 pm – Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility


Robin asked if there was any further new business?

Hearing none, the meeting was adjourned.

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