July 8, 2004 Advisory Board


Robin Bond                                                                Arlen Walsten

Kim Beasley                                                              John Regan

Susan Harper                                                            Captain Skuby

Julia Morgan                                                              Bill Mossman

Hector Venegas                                                        Brian Siperly

Jeff Brennan                                                              Bob Heidrich

Capt. Terry Rice (Ret)                                              Kimo Corstorphine

Linden Joesting                                                         Chris Woolaway

LCDR. Rick Raksnis

AGENDA Item  #1  –   Call to Order – Introductions  – The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm (1500) by Chair, Robin Bond.

AGENDA Item  #2  –   Approval of last meeting Minutes – HOST Board meeting minutes of May 13 were approved.

AGENDA Item  #3  –  Treasurer’s Report  –   With the annual registration fee of $5.00 paid to the State, the HOST balance is $1,634.35.

AGENDA Item  #4  –  Next Membership Meeting Topics  ( August 26, 2004 )

Bob Heidrich suggested that maybe we poll the membership for topic suggestions.   Robin reported that we really emphasized this at the last membership meeting and in the meeting minutes.   

Kim suggested we have a short presentation on the upcoming Maritime Industry Day.

It was suggested we may talk about safety precautions about general boating Vis a Vis the two missing fisherman.    Susan Harper saw some potential overlapping with the new Safety and Sea Subcommittee efforts.   This may be a topic for the Safety at Sea Seminar.    The Safety at Sea Seminar will be for more than just long distance yachts

Robin suggested that by the end of August we may have some feed back on the Port Security issues.  Bill reminded everyone that we only have until July 19th to comment to the docket on the changed Security Zones.   Both HOST and the USCG have emphasized the public announcements of the comment period.   Bill said he has talked with the Advertiser to see if they would do a story on the Security Zones comment period, particularly the one near the airport runway as this potentially will impact the most people.

Hector Venegas discussed whether HOST could have a role in educating boaters on basic safety.     Perhaps a one page brochure on basic safety.    Again, this may be something that can be done in conjunction with Safety at Sea Seminar. Much of this information is already out there.   It may be that we could have a model “Float Plan” 

Is there any possibility in having a small presentation on the rescue attempts related to the two fishermen.  Capt. Skuby agreed to have someone make a presentation.

Jeff Brennan suggested that possibly a State presentation on which parts of the Harbor are being closed off.   Pier 1 for example.    Pier 13 and 14 are an example of exception areas.

Other topics suggested are; a presentation on the new Pride of Aloha, and a presentation on what happened to the Melon Head Whales that came into shallow water in Kauai .

AGENDA Item  #6  –   Safety at Sea Seminar Subcommittee

Susan Harper reported that their initial investigation is showing that the subcommittee should cover more than just long distance cruising but actually apply to small boating as well.     Chris is looking for funding.   It may be that this is something we may be able to do once a year.     We can apply to Boat US for funding in August.   The next meeting will be on July 28, at 5:30 pm at the Kaneohe Yacht Club.   

AGENDA Item  #7  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

a.         Hector has received information back from a number of organizations such as Tesoro, Sause Brothers among others.     He will send the current information to Robin.   He intends to start calling and e-mailing the others as follow up.

b.         SOP 8-98    We have identified a USCG person that has volunteered to rewrite the SOP on Explosive Handling.

c.         Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –   Linden Joesting asked about Ian Birney’s response to inquiries related to this problem.   He has stated that he can’t comment now due to litigation.    Robin pointed out that we are trying to determine whether HOST has a role in trying to move this along.     Linden suggested that HOST send out a letter again supporting a DLNR Harbor .    This could go to the legislature,  or Hawaii County , or DLNR.   Kim suggested we look to find out who the local Legislative Representative is.    The gist of the message would be that HOST supports a DLNR Harbor because of safety concerns.

d.         PR Education Committee  –    Still working on funding for printing of brochures  and finding a way to              quickly disseminate the information we have developed.

            Julia asked whether we could revisit our Mission Statement.    This is an issue that came up during the Boat Show.    We tried to share our “ Mission ”  but we couldn’t figure it out as currently written.    Robin suggested that she take a look at it and make suggestions.   Chris Woolaway mentioned that this may coincide with rewriting the Business Plan.      Julia will look at both.

e.         SOP 9-98  Use of the Seafarer’s Hall    Terry Rice is working on this but the bureaucracy is thick and progress is slow.

f.          Canoes in Honolulu Harbor channel.     No news

AGENDA Item  #8  –   Homeland Security

MTSA is now in place and generally it is business as usual.   Plans are still being reviewed but people are working on temporary permission.     Things with foreign ships are generally going well in Hawaii .


Mamala Bay Users Group has a meeting coming up on July 23rd to be held at 9:00 to 11:00 at the Foreign Trade Zone.   She asked Linden Joesting if is she could get assistance finding the right person to attend from the State.   Linden asked for information on the meeting and said she will help out.

USCG Auxiliary  –  John Regan    The USCG hosted Punahou School kids at the Admirals house at Diamond Head and the Auxiliary helped out.    It was a great success.      Also this Sunday they will be conducting vessel safety inspections out at Waianae.

Chris reported that “Get the Drift and Bag It” is coming up again.   She has met with the Army Corps of Engineers looking for help from others.    The Army Corps public information booth in Waikiki will help with a display on marine debris.   Focus will be on the Waikiki Area and the Ala Wai.   Hopefully we a get the Yacht Clubs and the Clean Islands Council to provide small boats.    The cleanup will be held on September 18th.

Whale Sanctuary is still looking for Members to their Board.    If anyone is interested, positions are available in the following seats.   Business/Commerce, Citizen-At-Large, Commercial Shipping, Conservation, Education (Alternate Only),  Whale Watching, Tourism, Ocean Recreation, Native Hawaiian (Alternate) and Fishing (Alternate).   If anyone is interested please contact Keeley Belva, Council Coordinator at 808.397.2650.

Chris Woolaway suggested that we send a letter to the new Administrator of DOBOR to see if he could come to a meeting.     Possibly he could discuss the proposal to transfer the DLNR to the Counties.    This is a really sensitive issue that he may not be prepared to discuss.    Robin will consider sending out a letter.


Hearing no further business Robin adjourned the meeting.

Next Board Meeting:   August 12, 2004

Next Membership Meeting:     August 26, 2004

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