October 11, 2007 Advisory Board

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team   

 Advisory Board Meeting

October 11, 2007 ( 3:00 pm )

Hawaii Yacht Club

Robin Bond                                                                 Rich Demuth

Brad Rimell                                                                Randy Swindell

CDR Kathleen Moore                                               Arlen Walsten

L T JG Quincey Adams                                               Chris Woolaway

Bill Mossman                                                             Bob Heidrich

Scott Cunningham                                                    Kimo Corstorphine                                                  

John Regan                                                               Paula Carroll

Anne Stevens

  1. 1500 ( 3:00 pm ) Call to order – The meeting was called to order by Robin Bond, HOST Chair.  A quorum was present.
  • Approval of last Board and Membership meeting minutes – Meeting minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Chris reported that HOST has $2,014.24 in the checking account. No transactions were made during the month.
  • Next Membership Meeting Topics – October 18, 2007

            Ethanol Issue – The panel is confirmed with Bill Mossman ; Kim Beasley; Maria Tome and possibly a technical person from her program at DBEDT.

            TWIC – Presentation is confirmed with a 20-30 minute presentation from the person heading up the new TWIC office.

5.   HOST Christmas Party – December 13, 2007 Bob and Kimo will be sponsoring the party at the Hawaii Yacht Club. It was approved that we can spend up to $550.  Brad will bring the beef, Robin will bring the squid.  Please assist with door prizes.  Brad will follow up with HYB tide calendars.  Last year Janet Mandrell won the Synchronized Swimming prize donated by Alice Roberts and Mermaids Hawaii. Anne Stevens volunteered to head up the donation department.

6.   Pending HOST Issues:

  1. SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Vessel Visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim – No report as nothing has been heard from Nancy Murphy.

7.   Old Business

  1. HOST Advisory Board Members: Neil Kanemoto has been recommended to represent Ocean Recreational on the Board.  Robin proposed and Bob seconded the measure – Approved.  We need to strengthen the Board with representatives of Domestic Shipping and Foreign Shipping.
  • New Business
  1. HSC Conference topics – Robin is participating in planning the conference. The theme is: “Plan, Prevent, Protect & Recover”. The conference will be held in Seattle in May of 2008.
  • United States Coast Guard Concerns – CDR Moore mentioned the CG and public concerns about recent commercial dive vessel deaths and injuries.  Kathy has headed up a review of the last ten years of death and injury data and the results of that study show that we have an incredibly safe dive industry here in Hawaii .

10. State of Hawaii Concerns ( DOT Harbors and DLNR) – Scott said that there are no immediate concerns other than what was discussed earlier under Harbor congestion.

11. Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues – John Regan mentioned the update of the Who to call List and the formation of the Flare Disposal Sub Committee.  Chris will contact H-Power anyone interested in being on the Sub-committee should get in touch with John.

12. Announcements: – None

  1.  Next meetings:   Advisory Board Meeting: November 8, 2007

                                    Membership Meeting: October 18, 2007

14. Adjourn 4:30 pm

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