October 16, 2008 Membership Meeting


Thursday, October 16, 2008

2:00 – 4:00 pm


10 Sand Island Access Road (Right after drawbridge)

Robin Bond, HOST Chair called the meeting to order. There were 31 members in attendance.

  1. Lt. Jeffrey Taylor gave a presentation on Navigational Topics, New NOAA Charts and the Northwest Hawaiian New Monument. Jeff works for NOAA Corps under National Ocean Service.  The Coast Pilot 7 is on the website please review and get back to Jeff if changes are needed (www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov) .The new charts reflect IMO boundaries.   The new proposed Monument areas are Rose Atoll, Marianas Trench and Johnston Atoll.  Jeff suggested that we have a Monument representative come and do an update at a General Meeting. 

Jeff discussed the PORTS Instruments: PORTS stands for Physical Oceanographically Real Time System, the instruments include currents, conductivity, air gaps, wind, barometer and water levels.

The discussion after the presentation included the Hawaii Pilots who really like this system. The suggestion is that this system will benefit Hawaii’s harbors and users HOST folks need to let NOAA know that we are interested contact Laura Rear at: laura.rear@noaa.gov & Mike at: mike.izabados@noaa.gov

  1. Jeff Walters gave an overview of the Whale Sanctuary Boater Training Workshop.

Jeff presented a Power Point of the Sanctuary Boater Training.  They are using a non-regulatory approach to rescue and response.  The peak period is January though March and the season covers November through March.  The contact incidents are mostly by tour boats and these incidents may be just a bump.  Thus far there are nine confirmed incidents all self reported.  Three of those are off of the Big Island, three off of Maui, two off of Oahu and one off of Lanai.  Two were serious three were light contacts.  This was the most incidents ever reported for one season.  This may be because of the boater outreach campaign, the basic guidelines and having someone at the helm.  Whales average 3-4 knots between the islands. Their speed could be faster but in shorter bursts.  The NOAA marine Mammal Hotline number is 1-888-256-9840 to report incidents and whale carcasses. 

Jeff also discussed the entanglements of which there are five confirmed with four off of Maui and one off of Oahu.  Last year some of entangle gear was from here there was a marker buoy, hydrophone with fishing gear from elsewhere. NOAA is recovering the gear and keeping the information. 

The Sanctuary is getting ready for its five year management-this begins in the mid 2009. 
NOAA is considering adding marine species such as the Monk seal and Maritime Heritage. There is now a new NOAA prosecutor.

Sanctuary Boater Workshops are scheduled on November 12 in Hawaii Kai and November 13 at Kapolei.  Check out handout for details. 


Invasive Species Reporting Practices – Bill Mossman and Brad Rimell:  Discussed the displacement of natives and the expense. 

Invasive Species Inspection Fees and California Container Tax – Bill Anonsen

New Ballast Water Update for Recreational and Commercial Vessels:

Brad and Jason Leonard discussed Ballast water and hull fouling; Federal legislation concerning National Ballast Water Rules with USCG standards.  Incidental discharges with the 9th Circuit Court the biggest issues are private boat owners i.e. sail boats as there are no stringent reporting.  The reporting system in New Zealand is being looked at as a model.

Ballast water exchange is hard to do on barges causing stability problems.  

Industry Day Tow Boat Report – Brad Rimell

Other HOST Business

          Diver and vessel safety issues brought up with recent close calls at Kewalo, and Ala Wai.  This is referred to HOST subcommittee.

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