February 21, 2008 Membership Meeting

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team Membership Meeting

February 21, 2008

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

            Robin Bond called the meeting to order. There were 55 attendees.

AGENDA ITEM #2    Hawaii Harbors Modernization Plan  –  Mike Formby, DOT Harbors

            A Partnership between the Hawaii State Dept. of Transportation, Harbors Division and the Hawaii Harbors User Group (HHUGS).

            Harbors Division has a staff of 250 people.   They do not have expertise    and manpower of the Aloha Tower Development Corporation, headed

            by Sandy Pfund.   

HHUGS has developed a comprehensive system-wide harbor modernization plan, which implements harbor infrastructure improvements to meet the projected increases in ocean transportation of car and passengers to and between the islands of Hawaii.    The plan is to implement these recommendations within the next 6 years.  The strategy is to meet current and projected demand for ocean transportation of cargo and passengers through 2030 by providing harbor-users the necessary harbor infrastructure for safe and efficient operations.

The Goals are to provide a harbor system that addresses critically needed improvements to increase capacity and harbor efficiency.  The State expects a 27 percent increase in harbor demand by 2010.

Harbor Special Funds will be used.   The work is estimated to be $842 million.   Harbors Special Revenue Bonds will also be issued.   Increase tariffs and land leases will be implemented over the next six years.


Plans for Maui’s Kahului Harbor include the development of a west harbor facility including a west harbor breakwater.   On the east side they will be extending the existing the breakwater.  Upgrades to the Pier 1 fuel line are included.   Acquisition of additional property to expand the east end of Kahului Harbor.   Strengthening of Pier 2B.   Estimated expenditures total approximately $345 million dollars.  

Honolulu Harbor

Honolulu Harbor is the hub of the state commercial harbor system.  The plan includes the development of the former Kapalama Military Reservation (KMR) and improvements at the Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor.   It looks as though the State will be required to inspect containers for invasive species.  It would make sense that we build this at a central location.   Estimated expenditures total approximately $257 million dollars.


They expect to construct a west harbor utilities infrastructure in the area where Marisco is.   The also expect to develop a dedicated fuel pier.  Estimated expenditures total approximately $58 million dollars.


Construct a new Pier 4 for inter-island commerce.   They want to acquire property adjacent to the existing harbor toward hotel row.  Estimated expenditures total approximately $61 million dollars.


Expansion of barge and terminal improvements at Pier 2 at Kawaihae Harbor.   They intend to add a multi-use Pier 4 over adjacent to the Army ramp.   The goal is to get more liquid bulk storage on the west side of the island so hopefully current storage will be moved and expanded upon.  Estimated expenditures total approximately $88 million dollars.


Demand in cargo and passenger space has grown significantly.   Along the inner side of the jetty they would like to create a multi-use pier, including liquid bulk accommodations.  Estimated expenditures total approximately $10 million dollars. 

Aloha Tower Development Corporation was formed to develop the Pier 10 area in conjunction with State Harbors.   In 2007 a bill was passed to enable State DOT Harbors and ATDC work closely on this project for a limited period of up to six years. 

AGENDA ITEM #3    Marine Safety  –  USCG CMDR Kathy Moore

This is a summary of the Marine Safety picture for 2007.

Recreational Incidents  

Disabled boats  =  60

Persons in the water  =  43

Boats taking on water  =  21

Groundings  =  12

Medical Evacuations  =  11

Fires  =  7

Most Common Commercial Casualties

Injuries  =  154

Equipment Failures  =  45

Deaths  =  16

Oil Spill Data

164 total spills

86% of spills less than 10 gal

42% of all oil spilled was recovered

40% mystery spills

14% recreational boat spills

14% US flag commercial vessel spills

11% other-airport, car wreck, etc.

Marine Safety Program

Recently the U.S. Congress has expressed concern that the focus of the USCG had moved away from its Marine Safety mission.

Perception:  Marine Safety not important to CG Leaders

Harsh approach to Marine Safety

Lack of Marine Safety in the CG Strategy

The Marine Safety/Maritime Security nexus

Facilitation of maritime commerce

Marine Transportation System  (MTS) recovery

This led to a National Program Review which found:

Core processes, authorities & practices are sound.

Need to add resources to build & sustain capacity.

Need to enhance collaboration with industry.

Current collaboration efforts include the following.

Small Passenger Vessel Industry Day

Please come to the USCG’s Small Passenger Vessel Industry Day.  This will be at the Japanese Cultural Center in Moiliili.   This will be held on February 27, 2008.   In the future other segments of the maritime community will be the center of focus.   If you have any thoughts in this regard please feel free to contact the USCG.

Dive tour operations dialogue

Next Wednesday they will be meeting with the dive tour operators to discuss opportunities to explore the means to assist tourist in conducting a self evaluation of their ability to dive.    There have been several cases where tourist that probably should not have gone diving go anyway.   Maybe there are opportunities to raise the question with them and suggest some guidance for their own self evaluation.     The USCG has looked at the statistics and found that the odds of being injured going on a dive tour in Hawaii is extremely low,  –  this is good.    Hopefully, this will help make it better.

AGENDA ITEM #4    TWIC Update  –  Mike Boutte of Lockheed Martin

The biggest thing going on has happened in just the last few days.   Nationwide the enrollment population was underestimated by about 100%.  In Hawaii, some underestimates were even larger than that.        The program office has been told that they will not be closing down the neighbor island enrollment offices until at least October 2008. 

The biggest challenge has been in activating the cards.    This is both a local and nationwide challenge.    Mostly these have been finger print problems.    About 5% don’t work.   They are also having TSA server overloads.

Hawaii has approximately 4,000 or so enrollees.      

AGENDA ITEM #5     Announcements.

Captain Barry Compagnoni said hello and introduced himself in case anyone had not met him.   He will stay around after the meeting.

Ed Lott announced that John Regan with the USCG Auxiliary has had a serious fall.    He is in St. Francis.    HOST will send flowers.

Chris Woolaway announced that HOST will be looking into the issue of disposal of expired flares.    Anyone interested please contact Chris Woolaway.   She is filling in for John Regan.   Right now there is no definitive way of dealing with this problem.


Executive Board Meeting:

March 13th,    3:00 pm,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

General Membership Meeting:

April 17th,   2:00 pm,   Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility.

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