August 27, 2009 Membership Meeting


August 27, 2009


Robin Bond called the meeting to order. There were 25 people in attendance.

AGENDA ITEM #2    Mr. Haley of the USCG Auxiliary – Sea Partners and Waterways Watch

            The Power to Effect Change

            Information is the first and most positive way to effect change.  Disseminating information on such topics as the damage done to the reef while dragging an anchor through the coral.    Many people are not aware of such simple things.   They are looking for volunteers to conduct dock walks to simply share such simple things as stickers saying “We care – don’t through you litter overboard”.

Sea Partner Issues

·                     Marine Debris

·                     Oil pollution

·                     Chemicals

·                     Sewage

·                     Aquatic nuisances such as “ciguatera” pathogens

·                     Endangered species.   Green Sea turtles may be turning around

·                     Coral reefs

·                     Out reach for more partners

America’s Waterway Watch

This is the other side of the coin.   This is protection from people from the dark side.   This is watching for potential problems.

·                     People taking photos of mundane things – conducting surveillance.

·                     People dropping or picking up things from the water or under unusual circumstances.

·                     More people come back on a boat than left.

·                     Unusual interest in the scheduling of events.

·                     Unusual lights.

·                     If you say to yourself “that’s odd.

How to Implement Changes in Behavior

The USCG has focused on promoting positive behavior by using positive informational reinforcement.  They have adopted

·                     Prevention vs Punishment approach

·                     Dock Walking

·                     Using non-threatening uniform.

·                     Focus on beauty.    Handing out pretty bookmarks that talk about corals.

·                     Focus on children         handing out coloring books for kids that have a positive message.

For more information go to <>

AGENDA ITEM #3  –  Bill Mossman – National Angler Registration

Effective on the first of January next year a new Federal Law requiring anyone who fishes within the Economic Exclusion Zone  (EEZ) to register with the Angler Registration.    Starting one year you are going to have to pay an annual fee of between $15.00 to $25.00 dollars.   (Note: the EEZ is between 3 miles off shore and 100 miles off shore)     The focus of this action is to provide a data base for studying the declining fish populations.   This is an amendment to the Magnusson/Stevenson Act.   The approach for non-commercial fisherman would be by statistical surveys conducted by US Fish and Wildlife service.

In Bill’s mind the emphasis has been on EEZ fisherman that, naturally, have to be in boats.   The current language would require every person on a boat to register and pay a fee.   The focus should be on the Captain of the Vessel.   The information to be gathered would be the same for the entire boat as from the information from individuals.  It might even be the case where multiple reports on the same fish caught by one boat if two of the passengers were interviewed and reported by boat catch rather than individual catch.

The other feature of the rule change is very sneaky.   One of the goals is to encourage States to adopt these federal regulations.  This would include shoreline to EEZ fisherman as well.   Even if you were a spear fisherman diving from shore, you would have to register.   This will also have the effect of bringing two significantly different fishing groups into the same survey pool.   This would help to distort and diminish the value of the data collected.

AGENDA ITEM #4   –  Bruce Mckewn  –  Update on the Falls Of Clyde

The ship was ready to go to dry-dock in January of 2009.   Unfortunately asbestos was discovered and it took through June to remove this.    Now it looks as though it may be pulled out for a survey in mid-September.    After a survey is conducted a project design stage will be started.    We need a surveyor on the vessel during the movement to Kalaeloa.    Unfortunately Mr. Skip Neftel who has been helping the Friends of Falls of Clyde, passed away earlier this week.   We will be looking to fill this gap.

AGENDA ITEM #5  –  Announcements

No USCG issues.  

Get the Drift and Bag It will be picking up debris on the shoreline on September 19th.    If you can possibly help out please call Chris Woolaway at 753-3311.


Executive Board Meeting:

September 14th,    3:00 pm,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

General Membership Meeting:

October 19th,   2:00 pm,   Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility.

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