August 25, 2011 Membership Meeting

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team

Membership Meeting

August 25, 2011

Marine Education and Training Center


AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

            Robin Bond called the meeting to order. There were over 40 attendees.

AGENDA ITEM #2    APEC Security and Possible Impact on the Maritime Community – Captain (Ret.) Steve Craig, Chair of Maritime Security Subcommittee

Capt. Steve Craig presented a power point that described some of the more important impacts of the tentatively planned maritime security zones.

APEC will probably bring in 20,000 people and cost serious money.

You can expect to see secure areas off of Waikiki, Ala Wai Harbor and Ko’olina where meetings may be held. USCG and DLNR will have an enhanced presence. The first security area will be just out in front of Ala Wai Harbor and vessel traffic will be restricted.  This could all change between now and the event.

Visitors at the hotels in the Hilton area will be vetted but will be allowed to access a restricted swimming area. Roads in the area will be rerouted and/or closed. All of this information will be finalized and made public in the weeks before the event.

The Honolulu Harbor Security Zone will be expanded to include Keehi Lagoon all the way to Lagoon Drive. 

It became apparent during the presentation that the real message is that maritime users be patient and flexible.  Although the power point is not available, concerned people can access the APEC Website at: for more information.

It was also noted, however that now would be a good time to join others in the Waterways Watch Program. Keep an eye out for suspicious surveillance type activities. If somebody is thinking about doing something bad they may be starting their planning now. To find out more about the America’s Waterway Watch Program go to

AGENDA ITEM #2   Open Ocean Canoe Racing Safety Issues – LT Scott Whaley

Lt. Whaley distributed a draft copy of a USCG Marine Safety Information Bulletin concerning Escort Boat Safety and Marine Events.

Here is a copy of the Marine Safety Information Bulletin. This is not a final copy. I hope to get your input to modify this Bulletin so that it serves everyone’s needs. Please share with other boaters/HOST members and ask that they send their questions/comments to me at:



On October 10, 2010, while participating in the Molokai Hoe Canoe Race from Molokai to Oahu, a canoe paddler suffered serious, and potentially life threatening injuries. The incident occurred during the first crew change approximately two miles west of La’au Point, Molokai when the paddler entered the ocean from the aft quarter of the escort vessel and subsequently went underneath the hull, where he sustained serious injuries from impacts with the vessel’s propeller. On the same day, another paddler suffered a less serious injury from another escort vessel’s propeller.

The U.S. Coast Guard, in conjunction with Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), reviews and approves Marine Permits for these types of events. An informal investigation of this incident revealed it is not uncommon for these types of injuries to occur and amplifies the Coast Guards safety concerns.

In an effort to prevent injuries and improve maritime safety, the Coast Guard has implemented the following requirements and recommendations:

. All injuries that require professional medical treatment (treatment beyond first aid) shall be reported to DLNR and the Sector Honolulu Command Center (808) 842-2601. A detailed medical treatment plan to include expeditious delivery to an appropriate treatment facility is also

. Event Organizers will provide an additional Safety Plan for Coast Guard approval prior to Marine Permit approval that specifically addresses underway paddler changes, embarkation/disembarkation procedures, guidelines from escort boats, general safety protocols and injury reporting. To relieve congestion and better accommodate crew change-outs, it is recommended that crew change-outs not be performed during the first 45 minutes of any long
distance race or event.

. Vessel operators should consider implementing protective vessel safety modifications such as propeller guards, rescue ladders, etc.

Event organizers, support staff and participants are encouraged to remain cognizant of inherent dangers and safety concerns associated with in-water crew changes. Any questions regarding the contents of this safety bulletin or ways to improve event safety can be addressed to LT Scott Whaley at (808) 522-8264 x352 or e-mailed to the Sector Honolulu Waterways Management office

It was also pointed out that there a numerous websites concerning escort boat safety, such as:

AGENDA ITEM #3  Maritime Training Availability in Hawaii 

Representatives from the Power Squadron gave presentations on what is available regarding maritime training programs in Hawaii through Boat US, the Power Squadron and the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

AGENDA ITEM #4  –  Announcements

Get the Drift and Bag It will be picking up debris on the shoreline on September 17th.    If you can possibly help out please call Chris Woolaway at 753-3311.


Advisory Board Meeting:

September 8th,    3:00 pm,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

General Membership Meeting:

October 20th,   2:00 pm,   Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility.

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