Advisory Board Meeting

September 13, 2012 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club



Michael Cantin                         Tom Collins                           Kimo Corstorphine

Bob Heidrich                             Alan Hong                             CDR Glenn Martineau

Brad Rimell                                Naomi Wasano                    Chris Woolaway

Robin Bond

1.                  The meeting was called to Order at 1500 (3:00 pm) by Robin Bond

2.                  Approval of the minutes of the June 14 and July 12 Advisory Board and June 21 and August 23 Membership meetings. No corrections or comments made.

3.                  Treasurer’s Report – Chris Woolaway reported that there is $1,866.07 in the checking account.  A proposal has been submitted to DOBOR for funding support.

4.                  Critique of the August 23 membership meeting – Robin led the discussion and the consensus was that the meeting went well and was most informative. 

5.                  Topics for the October 18, HOST Membership Meeting

a.     Low Sulfur Emissions – EPA & DOH Brad will follow up with Capt. Lamb & Chris Lee; Chris will follow up with the EPA and DOH

b.    CG Aux Licensing Training

c.    Open for a new topic

6.                  Completed HOST Safety Issues

           a.    Flare disposal project status – Arlen had reported that the next delivery to H-Power would be next week.  They are awaiting the delivery of the fire safety boxes, which have already been ordered.

7.                  Continuing HOST Business  

           a.    Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris reported that the latest survey is ready for inputting the photos to finish.  Volunteers are needed to help.

           b.    Marine debris from the Japan tsunami – Chris reported that recent news that the Japan government is giving $6 million to the West Coast states, Hawaii and Canada to help with the recovery of tsunami debris that is coming ashore.  The details are being worked out.

           c.     Update of Lahaina Tendering Video – No Report

           d.    Share the Ocean – Update and reprint of the Diving Safety Reminder – Alan reported that he has been distributing the Dive Safety Pamphlet. This product has been well received.

           e.    Keehi Lagoon range marker update –Brad reported that the memo has been transmitted back to DOT from the City; Brad is staying in touch with the State to follow this. 

           f.     Open ocean canoe racing safety issues – John Benson, no report was given.

           g.    Postponement of the West Coast HSC Summit – Brad reported that because of California’s decision of not allowing non – emergency travel the Summit has been postponed.  A letter has been circulated to the Board.  

           h.    Reminder: October 7 Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival – Robin reported that we will have a booth so please contact him if you can come down and help.

8.                  New Business – The new Hawaii Kai Boating Club was discussed along with some of the concerns that have surfaced as to sail training safety for children.   

9.                  USCG Concerns – CDR Glenn Martineau reportedthat the GPS testing is scheduled to be completed by 18th. Glenn will report back to the Board when Rescue 21 is totally functioning.

10.               State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR) – No representation. No report

11.               Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues – Naomi reported that the Power Squadron is working with DOBOR to be sure that Hawaii rules are included in the mandatory power boat training so folks do not have to go through the training twice.

12.               NOAA Issues – Mike reported that they are working on the “high surf” products.  NOAA is looking at the criteria for impacts and difficult handling for small boat harbors as waves break across the channels.

13.               Announcements:  Sea Fest is being held on Sept. 15 and is a fundraiser for the Junior Sailing program.  Scott Whaley might be going from the USCG. The event is being held at the Kaneohe Yacht Club.

14.               Next Meetings: AdvisoryBoard Meeting: October 11, 2012  (3:00 pm)

                                           Membership Meeting: October 18, 2012 (2:00)

15.               Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)