Robin Bond, Chairman, Kim Beasley, CIC, Bob Heidrich, HYC, Susan Harper, HYC,  Tom Heberle,  Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant, Bill Mossman, Rec. Boating, Terry Rice., USCG Ret., CDR George Butler, Louie Alday, Brad Rimell, Sause, and Julia Morgan.                                                         

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum was present so the minutes from the last Advisory Board Meeting were presented for approval.   Kim Beasley moved the minutes be accepted as presented.  Chris Woolaway seconded the motion.   The minutes were approved.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that current finances total $1,462.25

AGENDA Item #4  –   New Advisory Board Member, Iwalani Stone – Susan

Robin announced that Mr. Bernie Bender has announced that he is resigning from the Board.    The good news is that we have found a willing replacement in Iwalani Stone (Susan).   She is a power boating enthusiast and is willing to be the new representative for Yachting on the Board.    Robin asked if there were any objections.   Hearing none her appointment was approved.

AGENDA Item #5  –   Critique of the August 21st  Membership Meeting

The Board Members generally agreed that the meeting went well and was fairly well attended.    The move back to the HCC Maritime Education Center may help get more people to attend.   Kim encouraged everyone working with potential speakers to ask them for either handouts or a copy of their Power Point presentations on disk.   This would be a help in getting out the minutes quickly.

AGENDA Item #6  –   October 16th  –  Membership Meeting Topics

Fixed Day Moorings

Chris Woolaway and Robin discussed the fact that they have been in touch with several people on this subject, Jim Shoecraft with DLNR/DOBOR, Terry Hunt and Terri Leicher.   It looks like we can gather information and have Terri Leicher report on this subject for all of them.  We will try to pull this subject presentation together.

AGENDA Item #7  –   October 16th  –  Whale Collision Workshop

Robin announced that Mr. Reg White is willing to give a brief report on the Workshop to Minimize Vessel Collisions with Whales in Hawaiian Waters.

AGENDA Item #8  –   Boat U.S. Foundation Statement on EPIRBS

Robin reported that an east coast boating enthusiast wrote a letter to U.S. Boat complaining about the new Hawaii law requiring EPIRB.  Robin asked whether HOST should write a letter in response.    After some discussion the general consensus was no.

AGENDA Item #9  –   NOAA weather forecasts during Hurricane Jimena

Robin discussed a situation he experienced while fishing inter island.    The recent bad weather that approached the big island created a situation whereby the NOAA weather radio channel announcements were inadequate for provided meaningful local weather information for any area other than the storm coverage for Hilo.    The repetitive storm announcements replaced a more thorough coverage of the broader Hawaiian Islands.   If you were off of Maui, etc. you couldn’t get any meaningful local weather information.

Upon returning to Oahu he called Mr. Andy Nash of NOAA  to discuss a remedy for what could conceivably be a safety issue.   He said that NOAA has asked for more channels but that funding appears to be an issue.   This could perhaps be a subject for HOST.   It was generally felt by the group that more channels at greater expense were not the only way to address this concern.    It is the content of the weather message that could be improved upon i.e. don’t only concentrate the message on the storm and fail to report on the broader weather as well.  

It was pointed out that this might be something to speak with the USCG about as well because both NOAA and USCG MSO have developed the Hurricane Plan.    Perhaps a reporting protocol could be included in the plan.  

It was felt that this could be a possible topic.

AGENDA Item #10  –   Sixth National Harbor Safety Conference

Robin announced that planning has begun for the Sixth National Harbor Safety Conference.    He is serving on the Conference Committee discussing possible topics for the Conference.    Next Conference will be held in Florida.

AGENDA Item #11  –   Rough Water Swim

Robin discussed the recent bad situation that occurred with the Waikiki Rough Water Swim.    Over 200 people had to be rescued and although nobody was hurt the lessons learned could be a point of discussion for HOST.    Watching the weather more closely and coordinating marine users in the area were mentioned as possible improvements.    Also having a list of available rescue craft would have helped.   Apparently the USCG was scrambling for help with the rescue effort.    Kim pointed out that nobody called the Clean Islands Council.    We have volunteered with the USCG before and were once on a “rescue list” for cruise ship potential incidents.   More to follow.

AGENDA Item #12  –   Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign kicked off on September 10, 2003.  Robin manned a booth at the Federal Building on opening day.   This coming Saturday at MCBH Kaneohe the Campaign is hosting a picnic/party and inviting organizations to attend and present information on their cause.   Robin is looking for additional help.   Any volunteers?

AGENDA Item #13  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

Robin reported on the on-going issues under consideration as safety items for possible HOST action.

a.         Diving SOP  –  Robin reported that Jerrod Kowalski with HIRSA promised the legal review work on this will be completed by the end of the month.

b.         SOP 6-98 Commercial VHF Comms.  – Louie Alday discussed the fact that the HOST SOP 6-98 might need to be reviewed.   The current list of  commercial VHF users is out of date. 

 c.        Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin reported that Doug Carr wrote a letter to Dale Hazlehurst suggesting that industry help to fund completion of the small boat harbor.   This is not likely to happen.   More to follow.

 d.       Harbor Entry during a Disaster  –   Brad Rimell reported on the Security meeting held at the Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center involving industry, USCG, Sheriffs Department, HPD and others.    Harbors will be meeting with Harbor users later as well.    It looks like the most likely and workable answer to harbor access will require company issued ID’s and a verification process during emergencies.   More work will follow on this.

 e.        PR/Education Subcommittee –  Julia reported that the two brochures we have prepared have been sent to DOBOR for their approval.

 AGENDA Item #8  –  Homeland Security  –  CDR Butler

No real news on this subject.    The U.S. Marshals passed out some wanted posters and had public feedback indicated 3 hits in the Haleiwa Harbor area.     People are paying attention.

Also the USCG is going to the neighbor islands to speak with harbor users about new security regulations.   This is currently a public outreach effort.


1.        September 20th the 2003  “Get The Drift and Bag It”  beach cleaning effort will be held.    Anyone that can help with this is encouraged to participate.

 2.        Bill Mossman announced that due to a lack of action on the part of HOST regarding the issue of Security Zone impacts on recreational boat users he has prepared a letters to the Governor and the Coast Guard presenting boaters’ concerns on this subject.    His organization (Hawaii Boaters Political Action Association) will be following up on this.

 The next meetings are as follows:
         Next Board Meeting                      October 9th, 2003

       Next Membership Meeting                      October 16th, 2003

Adjournment   –    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.