Hawaii Ocean Safety Team

Advisory Board Meeting


Attendees: Robin Bond, Kim Beasley, Mike Latham,  Bob Heidrich, Brad Rimell, Captain Tim Skuby, CMDR Sifling, Chris Woolaway, Julia Morgan

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum was not present so the minutes were distributed for review only.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway was absent so Robin reported on the latest information regarding our IRS submittal.  The good news is that the IRS has received our submittal and given us an assigned “agent”.    Unfortunately our submittal was not acceptable as submitted.   We were lacking a copy of our by-laws.  In addition, our submittal request must be clear as to whether we are requesting non-profit status from the original date of our by-laws, or from the date of our submittal.   If we are requesting back dated consideration then further testimonials must be made to address the elapsed time.   After some discussion it seemed clear that it would be easier to simply request non-profit status from the date of our submitted request.

In addition, our explanation of why we should be given tax relief as a non-profit organization needs further work according to the IRS.   Robin pointed out that the language in the submittal is patterned after the Hanuama Bay Association, but apparently the IRS wants something more.  Kim volunteered to take a look at what CIC has in their submittal.   Chris Woolaway will send the current language to Kim to compare.

AGENDA Item #4  –   Next Membership Meeting Topics

Robin pointed out that our Membership Meetings are currently scheduled to be held on second Thursday of every month.    Out Board Meetings are scheduled to be held on the third Thursday of every month.   Robin pointed out that we

could have one more meeting with which to be better prepared for our Membership Meetings if we were to reverse the order for these meetings.  He proposed changing the meeting days to hold the Board Meetings on the second Thursday of each month and the Membership Meetings to the third Thursday of every other month.   As the meeting schedule is at the discretion of the Chairman no vote of the Board was required.    The attending members agreed by consensus.

AGENDA Item #5  –   HOST Booth at The Harbor Festival

Robin confirmed that the Harbor Festival has given HOST a booth for our use on Harbor Festival Day, which is scheduled for November 9th.     Discussion followed as to what we could do to man the booth and what we could pass out.    We are apparently out of brochures.    Robin asked Mike if Tesoro would kindly continue to donate some more of them.    Mike said he would ask.    We may have some left over T-Shirts although they are probably all small.    Thats OK the kids will like them.

AGENDA Item  #6  –  Pending HOST Issues

·            Security Zone Information Effort

Kim passed around some sketches he had made up regarding the USCG Security Zones.    At our last meeting we had a discussion regarding the development of a brochure or possibly a poster showing the location of the USCG Security Zones.   Kim developed these sketches to show what could be done.    He felt that he could put together a poster by the time of the Harbor Festival and that additional posters could be distributed to marine stores, dive shops, DLNR Harbors offices etc.    The sketches and the idea of posters was favorably received.

Other ways of getting the word out on the Security Zones was discussed.  It was pointed out that NMFS has some funds available to help communicate with fisherman.   Discussion followed that the commercial fisherman have not really been active in HOST.  It may be that this could help acquaint them with HOST.   We would also like to tie this effort in to the boater safety education program if possible.

·          Harbor Entry During Emergencies

            Brad reported that no progress on this issue has been made to date.

Robin pointed out that we did get some feedback regarding the appointments at City and County Civil Defense.    The minutes reflecting our concern on the lack of a full time administrator were apparently read by someone who told us that these appointments would be made soon.

·            Kawaihae Harbor Safety

            No progress yet.   We are waiting on information and a sketch before issuing a letter.

·            Christmas Party

            Currently scheduled for December 19, 2002, at the Hawaii Yacht Club.   We are actively seeking donations for door prizes.    Let us know if you can help.


Chris Woolaway reported that Boat US, a membership organization for boaters has been paying in to the Federal Government monies for taxes of motorboat fuel and other goods.   These monies are administrated by the NMFS.    These monies are available to States seeking special funds for boater development programs.    It may be possible for DOBOR to go to NMFS for funds.  Apparently the State of Hawaii has been offered $100,000. of non competitive bid monies as long as they match them with $33,000. of State funding.    Discussion followed that this may be a way of getting the Ala Wai Harbor dredged.

The next meetings are as follows:

·          Next Board Meeting                      November 21, 2002

·          Next Board Meeting                      December 12, 2002

·          Next Membership Meeting                      December 19, 2002   Christmas Party