Advisory Board Meeting Notes

October 11, 2012 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club


Arlen Walsten                           Ed Enos                                 Chris Woolaway

Alan Hong                                 Steve Morita                          Brad Rimell

Capt. Joan Nunan                   CDR Glenn Martineau        Naomi Wasano

LT. Kyle Ryan                           Darren Bullock                     Michael MacDonald

Charles Toguchi                       Sonia Gorgula                      Ling Ong

Robin Bond

1.                  Call to Order 1500 (3:00 pm) Introductions new participant is Sonia Gorgula with DLNR Alien Species.

2.                  Treasurer’s Report – Chris Woolaway reported later that we still have $1,866.07 in the HOST checking account.  Robin reported that we will have a website charge coming up soon.

3.                  Topics for the October 18, HOST Membership Meeting

a.    Low Sulfur Emissions – EPA & DOH Brad will follow up with Capt. Lamb & Chris Lee; Chris will follow up with the EPA and DOH.  Robin will send a letter drafted by Chris to Capt. Nunan and the EPA Region 9. Chris will also follow up with DOH, EPA (local) and DOT Harbors.

b.    CG Aux Licensing Training-It was decided not to do this at this time.  

c.    TWIC presentation by USCG and TSA

d.    Invasive Species-Sonia suggested that a Hull fouling presentation be scheduled for a later meeting.

4.                  Completed HOST Safety Issues

           a.    Flare disposal project status-Arlen reported that the boxes arrived that DOBOR paid for and are being used.  Next week a delivery to H-Power is planned with about 350 pounds of flares. This is the fifth trip and we should encourage the PR.  

           b.    Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival-the report is that the festival went well and the attendance was about the same as last year at 23,000 attendees.

5.                  Continuing HOST Business  

           a.    Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris reported that the work is still going on to get her ready for dry dock.  Her birthday party will be on Dec. 12th the Falls will be a 134 years old!

           b.    Marine debris from the Japan tsunami-Chris reported that we are asking help of fishing vessels at sea to take water samples (21 Liters).  This effort is to better understand the center of the radionuclides plume from Fukushima.  The center if the plume is estimated around 27N, 165E.  The radiation level is expected to be at least 1000 times below the dangerous threshold and can only be measured in the laboratory.  

           c.     Update of Lahaina Tendering Video-Nothing new to report

           d.    Share the Ocean – Nothing new to report

           e.    Keehi Lagoon range marker update – Chris and Brad-the agreement has moved from the State AG to the City’s Corp Counsel Robin will follow up.

6.                  New Business

a.  SOP 3-97 Tugboat Assistance in Oahu’s Neighbor Island Ports – Pilot Ed Enos gave the background of the development of the SOP.  This SOP needs to be revisited. Tom Heberle is to be chair of the Tug Assist in Neighbor Island Ports Sub Committee.  There were a number of issues discussed and clearly, there is a need for this sub committee to re-engage:

1. The current wording affects tugs and pilots

2. There are issues other than cruise ships “Leaving Hilo Pier 1”.  The Pilots do not have a record for the use of a tug since 1997.  It is still the Master and Pilot’s right to require a tug, as needed just not a mandate.  The technology has changed with the cruise ships.  The comment was made that the industry would save about $500,000. There was a recommendation from the cruise industry to revisit the SOP and proposed changes now.

3.  Charlie said that safety issues are primary and suggested that the tugboats should be possibly subsidized by DOT Harbors. Charlie also asked what about the fuel barges?

4. After Capt Ed Enos presented the temporary exemption for Hilo Harbor and much discussion Brad had made a motion to vote for or against an exemption for Pier 1 Hilo effective immediately for the time when the cruise ships are not going to Alaska and are coming to Hawaii.  This is a one-time exemption while the SOP Subcommittee meets and is subject to the review in the subcommittee, the Board approved this motion. Part of the temporary agreement was that if no consensus was reached by the end of the spring cruise ship season (the end of May), all stakeholders agreed we would return to observing the “original” SOP stipulations; one tug on arrival and departure in Hilo. Oct. 25th is to be the first subcommittee meeting. 

b.    Alfa Dive Flags and             Night diving vessel lights- Robin reported that DLNR will update this rule.

c.     HOST Christmas Party-Bob is working on this.

7.                  USCG Concerns-Capt. Nunan reported a missing petty officer.  The Coast Guard is looking into the sailing and diving safety and the Jarvis will have special commission status.

8.                  State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR) No report.

9.                  Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues-Naomi reported that the CG Aux and the Power Squadrons are teaching boating safety classes.

10.               NOAA Issues: Mike reported that they expect higher surf. 

11.               Announcements: None

12.               Next Meetings: AdvisoryBoard Meeting: November , 2012  (3:00 pm)

                                           Membership Meeting: October 18, 2012 (2:00)

13.               Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)