HOST Advisory Board Meeting Minutes of June 21, 2001

Subject to Board Approval

Members Present:      

Robin Bond, Ed Enos, Susan Harper, Tom Heberle, Captain Gilbert Kanazawa, Bill Mossman, Pat Pettigrew,

Brad Rimell, Terry White, Mark Willis, Roy Yee.

Members Absent:       

Bill Anonsen, Ed Araki, Randy Cates, Mike DeRego, Warren Ditch, Mike Duvall, Mike Latham, Charlie Pires, Stan Radlo, Russell Rippetoe, Barry Solywoda.

Members Excused:           

Clarence Chong, Barbara Defranco, Sam Forbes, Michael Heisler, Giles Loftin, Terry O’Halloran, Anne Stevens, Jim Walsh, Christine Woolaway.


John Clark, Clinton Jamile, and Carol She’.

Call to Order:              

The monthly HOST Advisory Board meeting was held on Thursday, June 21, 2001.  Robin Bond, Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:09 pm, at KEMS Electric at Pier 35.  

Minutes Approved:        

The minutes from May 17, 2001, were approved as revised. 

Treasurer’s Report:         

Christine Woolaway informed the Advisory Board that there was a balance of $560, available in the HOST checking account. 

Critique of the June Membership Meeting:                     

Robin thought it was a good meeting with lots of participation. Tom Heberle did a good job of hosting this meeting. A recommendation was made that HOST send two notices of each upcoming general meeting to the membership: a notice sent two weeks before the meeting, and a follow-up notice sent a week before the meeting.

Action:  Robin to follow-up with Terry White to update the information placed in Hawaii Ocean Industry and Shipping News of upcoming HOST General Membership meetings.  The time of the meeting need to be revised from 1300 to 1400.

Status of the next Membership Meeting:                 

The topic of the August 9th General Membership meeting will be on the impact of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary program in the marine community, and will be facilitated by

Terry O’Halloran.  It was suggested that Captain Gilbert Kanazawa provide an update of the salvage efforts of the Ehime Maru, which is scheduled to begin in July 2001.     

New Membership Meeting Topics:         

A.    Update on the Americans with Disabilities Act for Commercial Boaters

B.    New HOST Safety Issue, i.e., dive flag issue.

New HOST Safety Issues:           

A.    Carol She’ from DLNR, informed the HOST Advisory Board that she has been instructed by the State Legislature to create rules for 1) PFD’s for everyone aged 12 and under and 2) to address mandatory educational requirements for commercial and recreational operators.  Carol said she has less than a year to complete the regulations and asked HOST for assistance with this responsibility.

Action:  The Small Vessel Sub-Committee, with Pat Pettigrew as the Chair, will work with Carol to help develop the new regulations.

Action: It was suggested that HOST could provide assistance by educating the public on water safety and by providing signage for the areas of concern.

SOP 3-97 Tugboat Assistance Sub-Committee:         

After much discussion, it was decided to reactivate the Tugboat Sub-Committee to revisit the situation, since in the past Tugs were utilized for the benefit of the ships and now the benefit is for the safety of the harbor and the community.  

Action: Tom to reconvene the Sub-Committee.  The group will review the situation at hand and determine recommendations for the HOST Advisory Board to consider.  The group will also determine if a follow-up letter needs to be sent to Tom Fujikawa of the State Department of Transportation regarding the situation. 

Friday Sailboat Races Meeting Update:           

Susan Harper provided an update to the Advisory Board of the Friday Sailboat Races.  After June 23rd, the group will not use the marker on a regular basis.  The group will utilize “temporary” markers.  One night a month, the group will use the Honolulu Harbor buoy if the buoy is available.  The sailors won’t know the location of the race, until they show up the night of the race.  

Action: Robin asked Susan to write an SOP to formalize the procedure, to prevent problems in the future of relying on just one person to coordinate the races.   


Pat informed the Advisory Board of the success of the silent auction held at the Boat Show, May 26-27, 2001 at Barber’s Point/Ko Olina.  To date, she has collected $794, however, she is expecting $1,506 overall for the auction.  Pat will send a thank you letter to everyone who participated and made a pledge. HOST will look into conducting three auctions a year as a fundraising effort.


The meeting was adjourned at 1710.

The next Advisory Board meeting will be on July 19th at 1500.