Robin Bond, Chairman, Kim Beasley, CIC, Bob Heidrich, HYC, Susan Harper, HYC,  Jeff Brennan,  Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant, Bill Mossman, Rec. Boating, Terry Rice., USCG Ret., CDR George Butler, John Thielst, Tesoro, and Julia Morgan.                                                

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum was present so the minutes from the last two Advisory Board Meetings were presented for approval.   Kim Beasley moved the minutes be accepted as presented.  Chris Woolaway seconded the motion.   The minutes were approved.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that current finances total $1,615.25

AGENDA Item #4  –   Combined Federal Campaign

Robin reminded everyone that we are now registered with the Combined Federal Campaign.    He asked the question of the attendees as to whether or not we could do anything to campaign.    The general consensus was “not really”.   The Combined Federal Campaign is much like the Aloha United Way.   Both were set up to prohibit the participants from continually soliciting from the general workforce.     The only thing that can be done is to promote general advertising of the organization and what they do.    That way when individual workers look at selecting which organization they would like to support they will know who you are.    

Kim pointed out that this may be a good idea all around.   He suggested that we look into the cost of  “slide show”  advertising at Signature Theaters.   It might be cheap general advertising of HOST and our mission.   He said he would look into it.

AGENDA Item #5  –   Critique of the June 19th Membership Meeting

The Board Members generally agreed that the meeting went well and was fairly well attended.    The move back to the HCC Maritime Education Center may help get more people to attend.

AGENDA Item #6  –   August 21st  –  Membership Meeting Topics

a.         Fixed Place Moorings

One suggestion was a panel discussion on fixed place moorings.  There is on-going concern about vessels anchoring and doing damage to the reef.  Many locations have installed fixed mooring systems.    Molokini Island is one such example.   If we could gather a panel to discuss the rules regarding the installation and use of moorings, as well as the process for applying to install one, this may help to increase reef protection.    It might also be a topic that we could develop an SOP on as the condition and location of these moorings may have safety implications.   

The members generally agreed this would be a good topic if we can pull together a panel.   Chris Woolaway mentioned that there may be funds available to support this effort from the Coastal Zone Management group.

b.         Marine Protected Areas

Another possible topic proposed was a presentation on the current and future status of Marine Protected Areas.   Perhaps we could get a representative of the Federal Trustee Advisors to discuss the future plans for these areas and the possible impacts on the average boater.  Terry O’Halloran was mentioned as someone that is currently close to this subject as he is serving on a federal advisory panel.

c.         Small Boat Harbor Sewage Management Issues

            DLNR reported that a catamaran pumped sewage into a harbor.   The question was raised as to whether this might be a topic for discussion.  Discussion followed on the difficulty for small boat users to find a place to properly dump sanitation systems.   In fact, systems that were once in place are systematically being removed due to the difficulty of maintaining them.    This could be a subject for future panel discussion including State DLNR Harbors, boaters and the Department of Health.

AGENDA Item #7  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

Robin reported on the on-going issues under consideration as safety items for possible HOST action.

a.         Diving SOP  –  Terry Rice reported that the work on this is still pending legal review by the diving group.

b.         Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin reported that he has received an e-mail from Dale Hazlehurst that he Brad Rimell, and a State Representative have a meeting scheduled on July 17th to discuss changing the law regarding allowing small vessel to moor in the Kawaihae commercial harbor.   More to follow.

c.         Harbor Entry during a Disaster  –   No news at this time.

d.         PR/Education Subcommittee –  The representative from the USCG that we will be meeting with is currently out of town.     We had a meeting of the HOST information dissemination committee prior to today’s board meeting and we discussed general concepts of how we will try to distribute information on subjects of importance to the membership.    More work on this subject will follow but as of now we are looking at this as just one of several informational issues we would like to address.

AGENDA Item #8  –  Homeland Security  –  CDR Butler

            No real news on this subject.    There are currently two committees looking at Harbor security.    The Coast Guard has the Harbor Security Committee developing a Harbor Security Plan that focuses on the waterside.   The State of Hawaii in conjunction with the Fire Department, Police Department, DLNR, Harbors and the National Guard are looking at this issue from the landside.     Hopefully, these two committees are talking to each other.   We will continue to monitor this.   


1.         Saturday night, July 26th there will be a sailboat race that includes many of the TransPac Yachts.    This will be just offshore of Honolulu.   Be advised.

2.         September 20th the 2003  “Get The Drift and Bag It”  beach cleaning effort will be held.    Anyone that can help with this is encouraged to participate.

The next meetings are as follows:

·          Next Board Meeting                      August 7th, 2003

·          Next Membership Meeting                      August 21st, 2003

Just a reminder that the Board has decided that for the near future all General Membership meetings will be held at the Marine Training Center.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.