Advisory Board Meeting

August 9, 2012 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club



Tom Collins                   Chris Woolaway                   Kimo Corstorphine              Alan Hong

Brad Rimell                    Bob Heidrich                         LCDR Scott Whaley                        Naomi Wasano

James Howe                 CDR Shannon Gilreath      Robin Bond

1.                  Call to Order 1500 (3:00 pm)

2.                  Approval of the Minutes of the July 12 Advisory Board meeting. There was no quorum.

3.                  Treasurer’s Report – Chris Woolaway reported that there is $1,866.07 in the HOST checking account.

4.                  Topics for the August 23, HOST Membership Meeting

           a.    Canoe Racing Safety Committee update:  This effort is not ready for a presentation

           b.    Junior Lifeguard Program – Ocean Safety Division staff will be presenting.

           c.     Mass Rescue Plan Update – USCG George Butler will do the presentation.

           d.    Beach Cleanup heads up – Chris will give a short announcement about the International Coastal Cleanup Hawaii’s ”Get The Drift & Bag It 2012” being held on September 15th.

           f.     Phase II Implementation of UTV Inspection Program – USCG will present.

5.                  Completed HOST Safety Issues

           a.    Flare disposal project status – It was reported that there are questions about disposal of roadside flares.  We will need to hold off at this point to make sure the process is working on the marine flares.

6.                  Continuing HOST Business  

           a.    Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris reported that the survey is completed and that the new gangway will be up soon.

           b.    Marine debris from the Japan tsunami – Chris reported on the meeting in Portland with the Japan Ministry for the Environment, the NGO Japan Environmental Action Network and ICC state coordinators from the US West Coast and Hawaii. 

           c.     Update of Lahaina Tendering Video – Nothing new on this issue.  

           d.    Share the Ocean – Update and reprint of the Diving Safety Reminder – Robin will be meeting with the artist.

           e.    Keehi Lagoon range marker update – Chris and Brad – Brad reported that the letters are moving between Harbors and the City to make way for the install of the private navigational aid.  Brad and Chris will be following up.

           f.     Open ocean canoe racing safety issues – John Benson no status reported.

7.                  New Business

           a.    Need for an educational/orientation program for State recreational harbor tenants for         preparing for heavy weather and general use. Robin will write a letter to DLNR to find out         what requirement the State wants boaters to follow.

8.       USCG Concerns: It was reported that there have been false EPIRB calls. If the EPIRBs are registered than it will be easier for the CG to track the owners. Rescue 21 was discussed.

9.       State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR):  No report

10.     Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues: No report

11.     NOAA Issues: No report

12.     Announcements: No report

13.     Next Meetings:     AdvisoryBoard Meeting: September 13, 2012  (3:00 pm)

                                           Membership Meeting: August 23, 2012 (2:00)

14.     Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)