Robin Bond, Chairman, Kim Beasley, CIC, Bob Heidrich, HYC,  Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant, Bill Mossman, Rec. Boating,  Captain Tim Skuby, USCG, Louie Alday, Captain Reg White and Julia Morgan.                                                

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum was present so the minutes from the last Advisory Board Meeting were presented for approval.   Kim Beasley moved the minutes be accepted as presented.  Chris Woolaway seconded the motion.   The minutes were approved.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that current finances total $1,615.25

Kim reported that he looked into the cost of advertising at the Signature Theaters in support of the Federal Campaign fundraising efforts.    The cost is $266.00 for 1 slide showing in 18 theaters for one month.   We may consider this in the month prior to the Federal Campaign.

AGENDA Item #4  –   Membership Topics for the August 21st Meeting

The possible topics for the upcoming Membership Meeting are beginning to shape up.

Day Use Moorings

Ellyn Tong is available to speak on the issue of Day Use Moorings.   He will present the complexities of the subject including the fact that each island has its own regulations.   There is a permitting process in place but in almost every case it is a long process and the permits expire.    There is community interest in this effort.   Volunteers are placing mooring pins in an effort to support the protection the coral reefs from excessive anchor damage.  Malama Kai has funds available to support this effort.    Discussing this subject at the next meeting may help to bring focus on this effort.   To encourage the different County representatives to join in us to discuss this issue, HOST has offered to pay the airfare for neighbor island folks to attend the August meeting.

Marine Protected Areas

Chris reported that Terry O’Halloran is coming from Kauai to give a briefing on the latest information from the Federal Advisory Committee on Marine Protected Areas. After hearing what their current thinking is we may be able to offer them some feedback to consider.

DLNR Harbor Sanitation Issues

Chris reported that her effort to get a panel together from DLNR folks hasn’t yet worked out.    However, it may work out that the DLNR reps that may come over to our meeting to discuss Day Use Moorings may also be able to shed some light on this topic as well.   She will continue to try to find someone to discuss this important issue.

Cruise Ship Environmental MOU

This topic may be easier to present than finding a DLNR Panel to discuss sanitation.   Charles Toguchi may be available to discuss the voluntary environmental practices MOU recently approved by the Hawaii Cruise Ship industry.    Chris will follow up on this.

 AGENDA Item #5  –   Workshop to Minimize Vessel Collisions With

                                    Whales in Hawaiian Waters

Robin has been invited to attend and participate in a workshop sponsored by the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary and NOAA, to be held on Maui at the Wailea Marriott, September 3 – 5, 2003.    The primary purpose of the workshop is:  (1) To review available information on the risks of vessels hitting whales and factors affecting the magnitude of those risks;  (2) To identify possible measures to reduce the risk of vessel collisions with whales for different vessel classes;  (3) To review the effectiveness of existing regulations relating to whale encounters and collisions in Hawaiian waters; and (4) To prepare a summary report with recommendations for the Director of the National Marine Sanctuary Program on whether the issue of vessel collisions with marine mammals in national marine sanctuaries warrants specific regulatory attention by the NMS Program.   More information may be found at this web site: http://www.hawaiihumpbackwhale.noaa.gov/special_offerings/sp_off/Vessel_collision_wkshp.html

AGENDA Item #6  –   Boat U.S. Foundation Safety Grants

Robin reported that Boat U.S. has a grant program that we may be able to apply for.    If we meet the criteria we could receive as much as $5,000.   We will be looking into it.

AGENDA Item #7  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

Robin reported on the on-going issues under consideration as safety items for possible HOST action.

a.         Diving SOP  –  Terry Rice reported that the work on this is still pending legal review by the diving group.

b.            Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin reported that the Kawaihae Boating Association sent Matson (Dale Hazlehurst) a letter saying they would like help getting out of the commercial harbor but the lack of funding to complete the DLNR recreational harbor is the problem.  They asked whether industry could help fund the harbor infrastructure. This is not likely.

c.         Harbor Entry during a Disaster  –   No news at this time.

d.            PR/Education Subcommittee –  Julia Morgan reported that the subcommittee met with the USCG to find out what they wanted and needed in the way of assistance in public issues education.   Our current thinking is that we have three topics that need to be advertised to the boating community.   They are: 

(1) Security Zones, both for the recreational boater and the commercial vessels.    There are still issues to work out on this, particularly on the commercial side.    Bill Mossman expressed his concerns that the value added by the current security zones does not warrant the confusion and inconvenience to the Hawaii recreational boater.   Captain Skuby pointed out that this is really a national USCG mandate and his hands are tied.    Hopefully the kinks can be worked and with education it will work.

(2)  Personal Flotation Devices  –  Julia presented a 1 page flyer that she had created providing the information regarding the State of Hawaii’s new regulation related to PFD requirements.     It may be possible mail this out.

(3)  EPIRB/Radio Requirements.  –  Julia suggested that the 1 page flyer format would work well for this educational effort as well.  Bill Mossman was hoping to be able to include the discount information once offered by an EPIRB manufacturer.    Unfortunately we have been unable to firm this offer up.     With the implementation date approaching Julia volunteered to create a one page brochure to move this effort forward.

Robin reminded the group that DOBOR might be willing to help with distributing these flyers.   Also, Mr. Jeff Walters of the DLNR was instrumental in getting funding for the Whale Sanctuary Brochure.  He may be able to help us find funding to print out the pamphlets.

AGENDA Item #8  –  Homeland Security  –  Captain Tim Skuby

No real news on this subject.    There are currently two committees looking at Harbor security.    The Coast Guard has the Harbor Security Committee developing a Harbor Security Plan.   They will be meeting next on Thursday the 14th at 09:00 hours at the USCG Base Honolulu.


1.         Julia Morgan announced that the USCG is interested in knowing whether there is community interest in holding an informal exchange between the Honolulu admiralty/maritime attorneys and the USCG staff to discuss issues affecting the local maritime legal community.   Anyone interested in participating in a USCG Admiralty & Legal Symposium please contact Lieutenant Mike Pierno of the USCG at 522-8264, X297.

2.         Robin announced that the Federal Government has opened the door for round three Harbor Security Grants submittals.

3.         Bob Heidrich announced that on Labor Day the Lahaina Return race will be conducted from Honolua to Diamond Head.    Lots of boat traffic in the channel.   Be careful.

New Business

            Robin reported that he had been contacted by Ed Enos, a Honolulu Harbor Pilot, regarding low flying helicopters over Honolulu Harbor.  He is concerned that this may be a hole in our Port Security program.   He noted that tankers loaded with Jet A unload at Pier 51.    Currently nothing prohibits low flying aircraft over the Harbor.    Discussion followed as to whether this was a HOST issue.    It was decided that Robin should bring this issue up at the next Harbor Security Committee and send a copy of Ed’s memo to Captain Skuby.

The next meetings are as follows:

·          Next Membership Meeting                      August 21st, 2003

·          Next Board Meeting                      September 11th, 2003

Just a reminder that the Board has decided that for the near future all General Membership meetings will be held at the Marine Education and Training Center.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.