H.O.S.T Advisory Board Meeting Minutes of August 23, 2001

Subject to Board Approval

Members Present: 

Robin Bond, Clarence Chong, Susan Harper, Capt. Kanazawa, Bill Mossman,  Brad Rimell, Chris Woolaway,


Richard Davison- RhardlyDavison@aol.com, Parnell Walsh – himself@lava.net, Clinton Jamile- cjamile@co.honolulu.hi.us, Scott Carter- ScottC@sause.com

Call to Order:

The August 23 HOST Advisory Board Meeting was called to order at 3:13 pm by Robin Bond at the KEMS Electric Office at Pier 35.

Approval of August 9, 2001 Meeting Minutes: 

Since there was no quorum, the minutes could not be approved.

Treasurers Report:

HOST account has $1, 419.03.  We have not heard from the IRS regarding our tax exempt status and the check has not cleared.  Gil reported that we missed the Federal Combined Campaign.  He also received the copies of the letters to Tim Guard.

Critique of August Membership Meeting:

a.      Robin was disappointed at the lack of Board participation.

b.      Naomi’s presentation notes will go out with the Meeting Minutes.

c.      Bill had wanted to ask about the Sanctuary reauthorization, which is an important issue.

New Membership Meeting Topics:

A.    The following topics will be included in the October 18 HOST Membership meeting. Bill Mossman will host the HOST meeting.  

B.     Military ocean training areas – Where the operations are and how do mariners avoid them. Bill will host and Robin will help.

C.     Research with underwater submersibles (Chris will help)  

D.     Long distance season for canoe races, Richard Davison will coordinate.

E.     A separate meeting needs to be set up first with Canoe Clubs (Michael Tongg); Richard will set up the meeting. Brad, Susan and Gil will assist.

F.     A separate meeting with Kayak rental outfits also needs to be held before the Membership meeting on October 18.  Can have a meeting in the morning and go out on a ship afterwards.

G.     Give the race schedules to Matson.  Escort vessels don’t always have licenses.

HOST-Subcommittee meeting on August 13:

Meeting was held at the Kaneohe Yacht Club and provided a lot of input.  Next meeting will be at Hawaii Yacht club.

Get The Drift & Bag It!:

Will be held on September 15.  It was suggested that Keehi and Honolulu Harbor be cleaned up as a HOST effort. Robin explained about the Matson container project, which provides a container and $1,000 to any non-profit organization that conducts a cleanup.

SOP 3-97 Tugboat Assistance:

No status report as everyone was on vacation.  Glen Okimoto took over for Tom Fujikawa.

Friday Sailboat Races:

A.     We need to formalize a SOP.  Brad said thank you for the efforts expended and that Faris’s efforts in particular are appreciated.

B.     We need to get the SOP in writing – ask Faris to do the write up.

C.     Susan is getting a letter from him that will outline the procedure.


Anne and Pat are not in attendance.

Other Business:

A.    Gil – Honolulu Harbor Fest will be on November 11.  This year there will be a canoe race in Honolulu Harbor. HOST intends to have a booth.

B.    The new Lahaina Cruise ship tender video is completed.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.