Hawaii Ocean Safety Team

Advisory Board Meeting


Attendees: Robin Bond, Mike Nelson, Jeff Brennan, Susan Harper, Kim Beasley, Lanky Morrill, Bill Mossman, CMDR Sifling, USCG, Chris Woolaway, Dave Parsons DLNR

Call To Order

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting by announcing that we did not have a quorum.      Discussion on the various Agenda items will be allowed but no official business can be conducted unless or until additional attendees arrive to give us a quorum.  The order of business will be adjusted to accommodate the possibility of a later quorum.

Approval of the Minutes

The Minutes of the last Advisory Board meeting were not reviewed for approval due to lack of a quorum.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that the IRS Organizing Instrument is ready to be signed.    This will be submitted and it should be the final step in becoming a 501-3C Non-Profit Organization.     Robin signed the Instrument.

Chris Woolaway reported that the checking account currently the same as reported at the last meeting.   No expenditures have occurred.

Discussion followed that we would now be eligible for contributions from the Combined Federal Campaign, which is something like the Aloha United Way.  It may be that we will see some donations in the future.

AGENDA Item #5  –   2002 – 2004 Officers

Robin announced that the slate of Officers nominated by the Board was approved at the last General Membership meeting.

Officers for the next term are as follows.

            President                   Robin Bond

            Vice President            Brad Rimell

            Secretary                   Kim Beasley

            Treasurer                   Chris Woolaway

AGENDA Item  #4  –  Next Membership Meeting Topics

Robin began the discussion by asking for comments on the last general meeting.

The consensus of the attendees was that the meeting went well.   The question was raised as to whether we should hold the meetings a little later in the day.  After further discussion Robin said he would broadcast an e-mail inquiry to the membership asking for input on the subject.

The discussion shifted to possible future topics.

Chris Woolaway brought up the possibility of having a discussion of the commercial shark feeding incidents off of Haleiwa.   We could possibly have John Naughton of NOAA discuss recent incidents of shark attacks.

Kim raised the subject of presenting a report on the projects to be funded by the Port Security Grants ($800,000.)  that Hawaii received.    We haven’t been able to get Bill Anonsen but perhaps we could get Pat Torres.

Another possible topic would be new potential regulations having to do with alien species in ballast water.   Even hull clingers may soon become as issue boaters will have do deal with.     A speaker familiar with the subject would have to be found.

Bill Mossman was asked and consented to be the host for the Membership Meeting.

AGENDA Item  #6  –   SOPs  Nita Jarrell letter sent.

Robin announced that Nita Jarrell was unable to attend our general membership meeting but that he had sent a letter thanking her for her hard work at retyping the SOPs.

AGENDA Item  #7  –   HOST Safety Issues

º            Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety

             Dave Parsons with DLNR discussed the recent incident with a Sause Brothers                 barge  that blew away from the dock on departure and contacted several of the                 yachts moored nearby.    Complaints about safety have been raised.

Dave pointed out that proper compensation to all claims has been paid.  The problem is that small craft are currently being anchored within the commercial basin.     The long-range plan is to relocate these vessels to the new yacht basin within the new breakwater area outside of the commercial basin.   The project in currently in the hands of the Army Corps of Engineers.   Timetable is anyone’s guess.    The Legislature has passed a law to allow the yachts to remain in the commercial basin until the new area is completed.      These vessels are under the jurisdiction of the DLNR (Nancy)  located at Honokahau.

 What can HOST do?    Discussion followed on the subject of reviewing the operating procedures for high winds.    The problem is, as in this case, the winds can change very suddenly in this harbor.   It would be difficult for HOST to offer any viable specific SOPs or recommendations on this subject.       Discussion focussed on HOST sending a letter to State Harbors making a statement about the incompatibility of the current mixed uses within the commercial basin.    It is hoped that this will encourage the Corps of Engineers to advance their schedule. Mike Nelson agreed to draft a letter.

º            DOBOR Safety Education.

             Nothing much has happened on this topic.  Nothing to report.

º           Harbor Entry During a Disaster

            Brad Rimell is absent and excused.  Chris Woolaway reported that the subcommittee is still working to put together an initial meeting of the stakeholders.     More to follow.

º            Shoreline Safety

             Recent drownings of tourists have brought up concerns by the City and others about educating visitors about the dangers of the ocean.    The City and County Lifeguards “Ocean Safety” group called a meeting.   This group includes EMS, Fire Dept., HPD, HOST and Hanauma Bay personnel.   Robin attended for Hanauma Bay but also represented HOST.     Possible opportunities include pamphlets or signs at the hotels.    At one time the airlines would show a short movie but doesn’t like to do that anymore as it scares the visitors.   Robin will continue to attend the meetings.

º           Shark Feeding on the North Shore

             Previously discussed.

 AGENA Item  #8  –   Homeland Security

 CMDR John Sifling of the USCG reported that they are currently working to develop a “Notice of Proposed Rule Making”  to covert the current nine temporary security zones, located throughout the main Hawaiian islands, into permanent ones.    This was reported at the last General Meeting and remains unchanged.

The USCG is planning on increasing security over the Labor Day weekend.

AGENDA Item  #9  –   HOST Christmas Party

The HOST Christmas Party will be held on December 12th at the Hawaii Yacht Club.   

AGENDA Item  #11  –   Announcements

º           Kim discussed a recent request from Robin to look at the possibility of

getting some sorbent materials into the hands of DLNR Harbors personnel on the neighbor islands.    Kim reported that he discussed this with Dept. of Health, HEER Group.    Several issues are involved.  First is the initial cost of set up.  Probably not a showstopper.   The bigger problem is the cost of properly disposing of oiled sorbents.   This could get expensive.    We might be able to move forward if there was an associated effort to hold people who spill accountable to the State Law and have them pay for disposal.    Kim will continue to work on this issue.

º            September 3, 2002 will be a Rough Water swim.    Please be careful. 

º           Robin pointed out that the web page was starting to generate inquiries from the public.    We have received inquiries about the shark feeding incidents and the recent Sea-Walker death of a Japanese visitor.    Robin will send a response to the later inquiry simply stating that the incident is under investigation.

º           The next Board meeting is scheduled for September 19, 2002

Hearing no further business or announcements the meeting was adjourned.