The meeting was held at the HCC Education and Training Center on Sand Island and had 36 attendees.

Call To Order  Bill Mossman – Meeting Host

Whales vs Vessels

Naomi McIntosh, Marine Sanctuary Acting Sanctuary Manager gave a presentation on the issue of Whales vs Vessels.

This issue is at the forefront of their Board.

North Pacific Humpback Whales:

Population growing at 7% per year

            Down in other areas

            Whales fanning out throughout other islands with growth of population

Issues and Areas of Concern:

            West Maui – lots of boats, lots of whales

            Faster boats are a trend

            Calves more vulnerable

                        Smaller/harder to locate

                        More time at surface


            Illegal to approach – 100 yds

            Illegal to fly over – 1,000 ft

            Reporting concerns

            Citation concerns

            Safety for passengers concerns

Currently trying to get a base line:

            Types of vessels

            Locations and frequency

Education and Outreach is the current approach.

A vessel interaction workshop to reduce impacts is in the planning stages. The workshop is scheduled to be held in Maui from August 11th – 13th.

Sanctuary Vision

Work with community for balance between ocean use and resource protection.

Questions and Answers

Robin Bond – any citations?  Not to her knowledge

Chris Woolaway – Reluctance to report

            How are you getting around that for report?  Newspaper search, waterfront survey, NMFS

Review of the revisions to HOST SOP 5-97   DIVING FROM VESSELS

Terry Rice, Jerrod Kowalski and Jim Byrem gave an update on the review of SOP 5-97

Initial trigger was a fatality and a near casualty (divers drifted away).

Does the SOP cover issues identified by these problems? Yes.

April 1st – Subcommittee reviewed the SOP word by word.

Some proposed changes in draft form.

Hawaiian Islands Recreational Diving Association has reviewed SOP and made suggestions.

Draft SOP out for comments from:

            HOST Advisory Board


            Diving Training Association

Drift diving an addition to this draft

HOST comments to Robin – Timeframe: The final draft is to be presented at next general meeting

Dive Flag Regulations:

Jerrod Kowalski – Secretary, Hawaiian Island Diving Association gave an update: Refer to Amendments to chapters 13-240, 13-243m 13-245 and 13-256 Hawaii Administrative Rules.

Weekly meetings were held during development.

Definitions improvement

Expanded, defined, and delineated issues on vessel approach, now – 100ft.

Special areas “like Molokini” – that are high concentration areas. Channels are another example.

Jerrod gave a brief update on the requirements that are found in the amendments listed above.

Questions and Answers

Ala Wai Channel diving – New prohibition – How will this be enforced? DLNR’s Job.

Use of PFDs

            Children 13 years old and under must wear PFDs

            HOST was asked for comments.    No response from the State.

            Clarifications to be provided.


Robin attended the Harbor Safety Conference in New York

Generally, the issues discussed seem universal) Five Topics were covered:

            Port and Waterway Safety Assessment

            Recreational vs. Commercial traffic

                        Recreation people do not know about HOST

                        Baltimore has Outreach program – Hawaii to get a copy

What is the role of HOST in Harbors Security?

In general, can’t have safety without security

                        Some committees actually changing the names to Harbor Safety

                          and Security Committee

            Technology for Management and Operations of Ports

NOAA is willing to update charts in Hawaii

Various venders talked about their vessel tracking systems

            Value of HOST in National Transportation System

                        (MTS = Marine Transportation System)   Showed Video in MTS

                        95% of imports/exports are via shipping

                        Ships, trains, locks, intermodal systems, barges, ports & terminals

                        US Customs a part of MTS

                        EPA and the environment a part of MTS

                        Harbors Safety Committees a part of MTS

                        We need to invest in MTS

                                                   – mega terminals

                                      – deeper harbors

                                      – larger ships

                                      – expand capacity

                                      – economy will suffer

The next National Safety Conference will be held in Florida.  Thanks – Sause, Matson, Horizon Lines, Hawaii Pilots for the funds to send Robin to the conference


            Kawaihae/Vessel conflict

Answer to our letter from the State – currently no initiatives but willing to work with HOST

Legend of the Seas

            Terrorist threats

            ICS established/FBI, US Coast Guard, others.

Commandant in town

            Capability – Preparedness

            Capacity – Do you have enough resources?

            Partnerships – strategic partnerships

            Port Security

                        DLNR/DOT responsible for Homeland Security

These may have a combined National Guard General in charge  “One Stop Shop”

                                    Future grant proposal for Homeland Security may happen.  USCG will be giving guidance on how to fill out application

                        Some harbors too closely quartered to meet security requirements. Limited sea space

                        Port Security Plan – 541-2477


            HOST applied for grant from OMC Foundation for boating safety campaign @ $40,000  for a 5 year program to run safety PSAs during Boating Safety Week.

            Combined Federal Campaign appears to be going through.

Gilbert Kanazawa – Gave a presentation on “Sons and Daughters of Hawaii Seafarers”

   Bob Kraus

                        Sons & Daughters of Hawaii Seafarers

                        Preserve Maritime Heritage

                        Maritime Museum

                         Falls of Clyde

               First meeting to be held May 16th, 6pm, at the Maritime Museum

ADJOURN – The next HOST membership meeting will be held on June 19th at the USCG Club 14