Advisory Board Meeting
September 12, 2019
DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation Office

Michael MacDonald, Ethan Creps, Gabe Nelson, Brad Rimmel, Bill Marhoffer, Neil Kanemoto, Alan Hong, Donovan Duncan, Tom Collins, Mik Roer, Adam Liska, Bill Anonsen, Gen Devine, Jules Kuo, LCDR Nic Jarboe, and LCDR Josh Williams.

1. Call to Order 2:08 pm. The meeting was called to order by Michael MacDonald.

2. Treasurer’s Report: none.

3. Topics for the July 18, 2019 HOST Membership Meeting:
a. USCG Auxiliary “If Found” sticker program and boating safety mission- Adam Liska.

4. Old Business:
a. Website- Need HOST facebook to drive traffic to website, repost partner organization
posts, NTM, etc. Push a focused topic each month? Add CG Auxiliary contact, CG
Auxiliary app to website, add heavy weather banner.
b. “If Found” Sticker program: Adam Liska reports that HOST is free to develop a new style
of sticker.
c. Sub-committees: Archive old subcommittee names from website. Subcommittees will
be stood up as needed. Ethan Creps will lead a subcommittee to fill out Advisory Board,
members are Ethan, Bill Marhoffer, and Brad Rimmell.
d. SOP clean-up: Tabled until Advisory Board is filled out.

5. New Business:
a. Video conference for November meeting: Cliff testing to make sure 3rd parties can login.
b. Marine Firefighting update: Resolve Marine Firefighting exercise tomorrow (9/13/19) for
vessels over 400 GT. Under 400GT firefighting coverage issue is still unresolved. State
DOH is leading the charge.
c. HOST’s mission and role. Advisory Board likes the existing (truncated) mission
statement. Will add “non-regulatory” solutions to existing mission statement. Ethan
proposed road show to communicate HOST mission and get the word out. The CG
directive which relates to Harbor Safety Committees is NVIC 01-00. Jules Kuo will
provide contacts on who HOST should meet with at DLNR.
d. Mac will be attending the West Coast Harbor Safety Committee Conference.
e. LCDR Josh Williams related a concern he had received from the Pride of American Cruise
ships, which involved canoes in the way of ships in Hilo Harbor. HOST needs to develop
a contact list for canoe clubs and find the old canoe safety pamphlet, possibly make a
new one.
f. HOST Christmas Party: Thursday December 12, 2019. 4pm meeting, 5pm party. Call for
donations. Invites should go out in November with the ability to RSVP.

6. USCG Concerns:
a. USCGC WALNUT is going to shipyard. Limited buoy response capability in District 14.
b. Heavy weather: LCDR Williams urged all organizations to look internally and create
contingency plans.
c. Dredging in Honolulu Harbor.
d. December 11, 2019: Chemical safety day. Details to follow.
e. Next Oceania Regional Response Team Meeting is scheduled for December 12, 2019,
and is likely to be at the Homer A. Maxey International Trade Resource Center.
f. Commissioning for new CG Fast Response Cutter is scheduled for on September 28,

7. State of Hawaii Concerns:
a. Jules Kuo presented the final version of DLNR biofouling BMPs for recreational vessels.
She indicated that DLNR would next be developing a similar brochure for fishing vessels.

8. Power Squadron Issues: none.

9. Announcements:
a. Hawaii Advisory Council on Emergency Management will be presenting its plan to
Governor Ige, and will release the plan to HOST before public dissemination.
b. Neil Kanemoto announced that the new Hawaii Longline Association Chairman is settled
in and should be invited to the next meeting.

10. Next Meetings:
a. Membership Meeting: September 19, 2019 (2:00 pm).
b. Advisory Board Meeting: November 14, 2019 (2:00 pm).

11. Adjourn 3:45 pm.