HOST General Membership Meeting Minutes of October 18, 2001

Attendees:   45

Call to Order:          

The bi-monthly HOST General Membership meeting was held on Thursday, October 18, 2001.  The meeting was called to order by Robin Bond, Chair, at 2:10 p.m., at the HCC Marine Education and Training Center.

Bob Perkins of the training center gave a brief presentation on the operation and goals of the Training Center

Robin introduced Bill Mossman as the facilitator of this meeting.

Port Security:         

Captain Kanazawa gave a very in-depth report of the new Port Security measures that have been put in placed since the September 11, terrorist bombings. The ramped up security includes among other things, through checks of incoming vessel passenger, crew and cargo lists. He also asked the maritime industry to be more observant and to advise the Coast Guard of any abnormal or suspicious activities.

Lt. Mark Willis gave a presentation on new Security Zones, which include all major harbors and various offshore Barbers Point and bunkering moorings. The security zone around cruise ships is 500 ft. but may be increased later.

Lt. CMDR Rick Hunt gave a presentation on the new 96-hour advance notice for incoming vessels.

Pat Torres gave an update on Honolulu Harbor heightened security.

Military in Water Training Areas:         

Terry Ganiko and OS2 Roland Krevocheza from the Navy gave a presentation on the training areas used by the Navy. The “HOT” areas include an area about 40 miles south of Oahu and an area off of Barking Sands, Kauai. Training does not include submarine training, which is classified. The Navy has provided a complete copy of the Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility (FACSFAC) for Hawaii. The PDF file is quite large (over 500  pages) so it has not been attached. If you are interested in receiving it, please reply to and it will send it to you.


Lt. Tom Griffitts gave a presentation on STCW, Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers. Additional information can be obtained by visiting or by contacting Tom at

Update on the Ehime Maru:          

Captain Gilbert Kanazawa informed the membership of the status of the recovery efforts of the Ehime Maru. The boat has been moved to shallower water off the Reef Runway and recovery diving is underway. Some of the remains have been recovered. For more information, go to the Navy website at


HOST will have a booth at the November 11 Harbor Festival. HOST members are encouraged to contact Anne Stevens at 544-0448 if you are interested in helping to man the booth.


The meeting was adjourned at 1608.

The next General Membership meeting will be on December 13, at 1400.