Hawaii Yacht Club

1.      Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1500 (3:00 pm). In attendance were Bob Heidrich, Julia Morgan, Bill Mossman, Brad Rimell, Bill Anonsen, Susan Harper, Terry Rice Capt. Ret., Capt. Tim Skuby, Jim McClelland Adm. Ret. and Robin Bond. Guests: Kendall Kam, Bill Powers and Don Rochon.

2.      Approval of last meeting minutes: Since there was no quorum the minutes could not be approved.

3.      Treasurer’s Report:  –  HOST has $1,785.821 in the bank.

4.      Wave Energy Technology Presentation – Mr. Kendall Kam gave a presentation on the wave energy project that is being conducted off Kaneohe Marine Base. The project involves the installation of a cylinder shaped buoy that will be installed about 4,000 ft. off shore at about 15 feet underwater. The cylinder will rise and fall with the waves and generate electricity that will be fed back to shore through a 2-inch cable. The project is a test for the Navy to see how the buoy will stand up to the harsh ocean conditions. It is hoped to begin in September 2003.

5.      Critique of the April 24 Membership meeting.  It was agreed that the membership meeting was a good success. The speakers were good and the subjects relevant. Attendance was a little less that desired.

6.      Hawaii Boat Show – May 17 and 18, 2003.  Only three members volunteered to man the HOST booth at the Boat Show. Because of an apparent lack of interest it was agreed to not have a HOST booth at the show.

A discussion followed on the problem of a lack of attendance at the HOST Board meetings and the lack of response to HOST e-mails. A number of suggestions were made to improve communications and participation on the Board.

7.      June 19 – Membership Meeting Topics 

a.  Licensing and document regulations and training. Susan to set up presentation.

b.  Ballast water and hull fouling. Brad to set up presentation.

8.      Pending HOST Safety Issues: 

a.      Diving SOP – Terry Rice – Robin will send out another request to the Board for their approval.

b.      Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Brad reported that there will be a meeting at Kawaihae Harbor with the State, Matson and Sause Bro. to discuss the problem.

c.      Harbor Entry During A Disaster – Brad – No activity

d.      New Security Areas – Now that the security areas are completed, we will request that CIC develop maps of the areas. The Security Zone Subcommittee will study the matter and come up with a proposed plan of action for HOST to help disseminate the Security Zones information.

9.      Homeland Security – Capt. Skuby – No new activities.

10. Announcements  Bob Heidrich announced the sailboat races this weekend.

11. Next Board Meeting: JUNE 5, 2003 (June 12 is the day after Kamehameha Day)

12. Next Membership meeting: JUNE 19, 2003   (US Coast Guard Club 14)

13. Adjourned: 1630 (4:30 pm)