Attending Board Members: Robin Bond, Susan Harper, Bob Heidrich, Bill Mossman, Mike Nelson, John Sifling, Brad Rimell, Jeff Brennan, Chris Woolaway and Roy Yee.

Excused: Kim Beasley. Arlen Walsten.

Advisors: Clint Jamile, Gregg Love.

Call To Order: Meeting started at 3:00 there was a quorum.

Treasurer Report:  Chris reported that HOST checking account has $1,573.72.

Approval of Minutes:  After a quorum was reached, all prior minutes were approved.

HOST Secretary:  The position has still not been filled.  In the By Laws we are required to have this position. Interested members should contact Robin. Robin will put an ad in the Kokua Line for someone to help take notes.

June 13 General Meeting:  Robin will host and the main topic will be Hurricane Preparedness.  National Weather Service has been contacted; State and County Civil Defense, Coast Guard and Matson will be sending representatives. Susan will discuss the 3 Ocean Races; Bill will discuss Harbor Security, and Federal Security Grants for Sea Ports.

SOPs:  Robin will contact Nita Jarrell to find out her progress in retyping the SOPs. Roy will check on the Antenna and radio frequency SOPs.

Boat Show:  Mike updated the Board on the Boat Show and requested help for the HOST Booth.  Anyone wanting to help out should contact Mike.  Next year they are planning to have the Boat Show kick off the Safe Boating Week.  This will bring a lot of events into a coordinated effort.

Homeland Security:  The focus has been on processing the recovered Taiwan ship at Pier 24.  It will be sunk 13 miles south after all the oil is removed.

Announcements:  In the legislature the EPIRB bill died.  According to Bill, it will be reintroduced next term.

Capt. Kanazawa’s retirement is June 25th, 1030 at Sand Island. 

May 21st is the Molokai canoe race and it would help to have the information on the airways so people would expect the traffic.  Robin will attend the briefing meeting.

HOST agreed to write a letter to Rene Mancho, thanking her for her support of the maritime industry.  Chris will do a draft with assistance from Mike for Robin to review and he will send the draft to the Board for comments.

NOTE! New Board Meeting Location: The remaining HOST Board Meetings will be held at the Hawaii Yacht Club at 1739C Ala Moana Blvd. The actual location is on the second pier at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Enter next to the Ilikai Hotel and drive makai to the second pier and go Ewa until you reach the Hawaii Yacht Club. Parking is available anywhere along the pier.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Next Meetings: The next Membership Meeting is on June 13. The next Board Meeting is on June 20. Please refer to the web site for details.