Members Present: 

Bob Heidrich, Bernie Bender, Brad Rimell, Clarence Chong, Mike Nelson, Robin Bond, Arlen Walsten, Roy Yee, Jeff Brennan, John Sifling for Gilbert Kanazawa, and Chris Woolaway

Members Excused: 

Mike Latham, Charlie Pires, Tom Heberle, Bill Mossman, and Susan Harper.


Gregg Love, Clint Jamile, and Harry Spangler

Call to Order: 

The monthly HOST Advisory Board Meeting was held on Thursday, March 21, 2002.  Robin Bond called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m., at KEMS Kewalo at Pier 35. 

Minutes Approved: 

The minutes from October 25, November 15, and December 20th meetings were not approved, as there was no quorum.

Treasurers Report:

Chris Woolaway informed the Advisory Board that there was a balance of $1,403.72 available in the HOST checking account.  Robin informed the Board that he had received a $250 check from the Propeller Club – Port of Honolulu that is their contribution to the December gathering.  Roy reported that the Castle and Cooke credit union would not be a good alternative for HOST’s saving account.

Next Membership Meeting: 

It was decided that the General Membership Meeting should be moved to April 18th and the Advisory Board Meeting moved to April 11th.  The Topics for the General Membership Meeting will be the Underwater Research being conducted at the University of Hawaii.  Chris has secured Dr. Alexander Malahoff, Director of the Hawaii Undersea Research Center, to do the presentation.  Brad will also give a twenty minute presentation on the Harbor Safety Conference he attended representing HOST.


Gregg Love attended the meeting to explain the proposed new website and to answer any questions. He has graciously agreed to develop and maintain our HOST website. The Board members agreed that Robin should send out an E-mail request to all Board members to vote on the website change.  Any additional questions should be addressed to Robin.  Mike Nelson offered space on his server for HOST’s website.

Harbor Safety Conference: 

Brad Rimell gave a summary of the presentations and the activities of the Conference.  Brad was asked to enlighten the General Membership Meeting with a summary of one of the presentations.  It was decided that each meeting would have a summary component from this Conference.  Brad will check into getting copies of the Power-Point presentations from the presenters.  The next annual meeting is in New York.  Robin ask the Board to consider setting monies aside to send at least one HOST representative to the annual meetings.

Host Safety Issues: 

HOST has sent out e-mails to members regarding the new proposed USCG rules regarding the wearing of PFDs.  HOST also sent out notifications of 2 other new proposed rules regarding Ballast Water and Life Raft Maintenance.

Board Membership: 

Robin discussed the issue of the lack of quorum that has plagued HOST for the past few months. It was agreed to lower the quorum requirement from 8 to 6. Robin will e-mail the Board for approval to change the quorum requirement. He will also revise the By-laws and e-mail it to the Board for their review so that it can be approved at next month’s meeting.

Kim Beasley has expressed an interest to join the HOST Board representing the Shore Facilities along with Mike and Clarence.  It was agreed to use the E-mail vote to get approval for Kim Beasley to serve as an Advisory Board member.

Doug Vann award: 

Robin will call Anne regarding Pat Pettigrew receiving the award at the next General Meeting.

Harbor Security: 

John Sifling updated the Board on the security effort that is continuing.  There is also concern about the drawing down of the Coast Guard Reservists as early as May 2002.  There was little discussion of the Chinese Fishing vessel death.  Capt. Kanazawa’s change of command is June 25th


Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

The next Board meeting is April 11 and the next Membership meeting is April 18, 2002.