Robin Bond, Chairman, Kim Beasley, CIC, Bob Heidrich, HYC, Susan Harper, HYC,  Mike Nelson,  Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant, Bill Mossman, Rec. Boating, Terry Rice., USCG Ret., Capt. Tim Skuby, John Thielst, Tesoro, and Julia Morgan.                                                  

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    No quorum was present so the minutes were presented for review but not for approval.   The meeting was conducted on an informational basis.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that current finances total $1,529.03

AGENDA Item #4  –   Board member replacement – Shore Facilities

Robin reported that Mike Latham of Tesoro has retired and is moving to the mainland.    He submitted his resignation from the Board of HOST.   He represented Petroleum Shore Facilities.    The Clean Islands Council generally nominates a person to represent this group.   In this case Tesoro has a person willing to join the Board and CIC is in agreement.    This person is Mr. John Thielst.   He manages the Single Point Offshore Mooring at Barber’s Point.  He has a background in commercial diving and marine engineering activities.   John was present and asked if he was willing.    John introduced himself and said he would be willing to serve.    Hearing no objections John Thielst will replace Mike Latham on the Board.


AGENDA Item #5  –   Critique of the Hawaii Boat Show – May 17th & 18th.

Mike Nelson reported that they counted 14,800 attendees over the two day period.   They had over 4,000 cars on Saturday and on Sunday between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm turned away over 95 cars.   All in all it was a successful event. 

HOST had a booth there and passed out our brochures and answered questions about who and what we are.    Also, Kim had produced a large format poster showing the new Security Zones.   This caught peoples attention and many concerns were expressed.

AGENDA Item #6  –   June 19th – Membership Meeting Topics

a.         Ballast Water and Hull Fouling   –   Scott Godwin 

Robin announced that Scott Godwin of the Bishop Museum has agreed to discuss this subject.     Chris Woolaway also has a scientist  (name to be announced) that can participate in discussing this subject to provide some balance to the topic.    This person can also help to answer questions.   Kim Beasley asked if there was a Notice of Proposed Rule Making on this topic.    Terry Rice pointed out that there is a NPRM out.    Robin asked Terry if he could speak about the proposed regulations.   He agreed.

b.         Licensing and Document Regulations and Training  –  Lt. Griffitts

Lt. Griffitts of the USCG MSO has agreed to discuss new changes in the rules regarding Documentation and Licensing Updates.  

AGENDA Item #7  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

Robin reported on the on-going issues under consideration as safety items for possible HOST action.

a.         Diving SOP  –  Terry Rice reported that the work on this is essentially complete.    The diving community is aware of it.    Currently it is pending approval by HOST but we have no quorum today.   Jared’s group, HIRSA, wanted their lawyer to look it over.    Robin will check with them to see if this is complete.   There were some concerns as to whether this would impact USCG COI manning requirements.   This is an SOP and not directly applicable to manning requirements.  Vessels need to operate in accordance with their COI i.e. deckhands can’t be in the water but must be on the boat.  

b.         Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin reported that he has not yet received any official response to the letter that he sent to the State.

c.         Harbor Entry during a Disaster  –   Brad reported that he held a meeting at the Hawaii Oil Spill Response Center to discuss this with stakeholders.  Attendees included the USCG, State Harbors, Honolulu Police Dept., Matson, Sause among others.    It turns out that the Sheriffs Dept., in cooperation with HPD and Harbors, is already planning to conduct meetings to discuss access issues before coming up with a new security plan for Honolulu harbor.    They will be talking to all involved companies individually.    It could be that companies would provide them with a list of employees that could represent the companies at security check points.   These people would verify employment and ID. and approve access.   This is just an ID at this point.

            The USCG Harbor Security Committee needs to be aware of this Sheriffs Committee effort.

d.         New Security Zones  –  Julia Morgan reported on a meeting she facilitated to discuss ways of disseminating information from HOST.   Currently we have several topics that need some form of public relations outreach effort.    They are the new regulations related to PFD’s,  EPIRB/VHF on vessels, and Security Zones.     Current concepts for outreach vehicles include simple 1 page brochures,   website posting, and possibly poster boards located at harbors and stores in which the brochures could be placed.    Flyers would be approved by a yet to be designed process.

AGENDA Item #8  –  Homeland Security  –  Capt. Skuby

Captain Skuby reported that the new Security Zones were now in full regulation.   They will be enforced selectively at the discretion of the USCG.   Current emphasis is on Cruise ships, Honolulu, Harbor and the Offshore Moorings at Barber’s Point.    Additional areas would be enforced depending upon threat levels.

Bill Mossman expressed some concern about the confusion this selective enforcement means for the average boater.   Is there real security value for the level of  community interference this causes.   This is a question that should be reexamined.    More to follow after we see how this works.


1.         The Ehime Maru II will be arriving in Honolulu on June 17th at 0730.   Dave Lyman is trying to set up a welcoming flotilla.    Anyone interested please give Dave a call.           

The next meetings are as follows:

·          Next Membership Meeting               June 19th, 2003

·          Next Board Meeting              July 10th, 2003

Discussion followed that the location of General Meetings has bounced back and forth between the Marine Training Center and Club 14.   This is causing a lot of confusion.   After some discussion the Board decided for the near future all General Membership meetings will be held at the Marine Training Center.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.