Advisory Board Meeting

July 12, 2012 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club



Rich Davison                Chuck Krause                    Chris Woolaway                  Alan Hong

Kimo Corstorphine       Bob Heidrich                     LCDR Scott Whaley            Naomi Wasano

Charles Barclay            Cliff Inn                               Darren Bullock                     Robin Bond

1.                  Call to Order 1500 (3:00 pm)

2.                  Approval of the Minutes of the June 14 meeting. A quorum was not present.

3.                  Treasurer’s Report – Chris Woolaway reported that there is $1,866.07 in the HOST checking account

4.                  Critique of the June 21 HOST membership Meeting:  The consensus was the meeting was very interesting and the emergency preparedness presentation by Charles Barclay was great. 

5.                  Topics for the August 23, HOST Membership Meeting

a.                                                      Panel for shoreline safety

b.                                                      Presentation on the Junior Life Guard program

c.                                                      Mass Rescue Plan

d.                                                      Open Ocean Canoe Racing Safety

        For a future meeting it was suggested to have a presentation on the ‘Clean Marina” program: Charles Barclay as presenter  

6.                  Completed HOST Safety Issues

           a.    Flare disposal project status – Arlen Walsten was not available. Our understanding though is that the project is proceeding nicely.

7.                  Continuing HOST Business  

           a.    Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris reported that the survey work on the Falls is proceeding and will be completed by the end of the month.  This survey will provide needed information for dry dock.  The Friends of Falls of Clyde are most appreciative to CIC and Leeward Marine for the great support.

           b.    Marine debris from the Japan tsunami:  Chris reported that albacore fishing vessels north of Hawaii are running into debris and are concerned about their safety.  

           c.     Update of Lahaina Tendering Video – Cliff reported that the raw footage for Maui is done and the funding is ready.

           d.    Share the Ocean – Update and reprint of the Diving Safety Reminder – Cliff reported that funding is ready for the copies.

           e.    Keehi Lagoon range marker update – Chris reported that DOT Harbors is drafting a MOU for City & County Parks to allow the right of entry.  Gary Moniz is the lead for Harbors.  We will be checking back for and update with Harbors and the City.

           f.     Open ocean canoe racing safety issues – John Benson no report given.

8.                  New Business

           a.    Suggestion to develop a procedure to divert tsunami debris from entering Hanauma Bay also for the Whale Sanctuary and other sensitive areas.  Chris will follow up.

           b.    Need for an educational program for recreational harbor tenants for preparing for heavy         weather

9.       USCG Concerns: Report of Port Security grant for fencing on Maui and a mobile crane for use in Pearl Harbor in case of a disaster.

10.     State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR) No concerns, Cliff suggested getting the HOST grant proposal in for review – Chris will submit the proposal.

11.     Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues: No concerns

12.     NOAA Issues: No concerns

13.     Announcements:  October 7th the Seafood Festival. H.O.S.T. will have a booth.

14.     Next Meetings:     AdvisoryBoard Meeting: August 9, 2012 (3:00 pm)

                                           Membership Meeting: August 23, 2012 (2:00)

15.     Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)