Hawaii Ocean Safety Team   

 Advisory Board Meeting

January 8, 2009 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club

In Attendance:

Paula Carroll                                                Kimo Corstorphine

Scott Cunningham                          Warren B. Ditch Jr.

LCDR Marcella Granquist              Terry Rice

Brad Rimell                                       Douglas Smith

LT Jeffrey Taylor                              Chris Woolaway

Jason Leonard                                 Robin Bond

1.    1500 (3:00 pm) Call to order at 3:11 – Introductions

2.    Approval of last Board meeting minutes

            No quorum present

3.    Treasurer’s Report – Chris

            Chris reported $1,760.88 in the checking account taking in $350 and $500 donations for the Christmas Party expense.

4.    February 19 Membership Meeting Topics

  Dive Safety Issues & Horn blower/PNR Water taxi Incidents:  Robin will check with Teri Leicher and Scott Cunningham

  Dock Safety Ladders Panel: Warren B. Ditch Jr. & Randy Swindell

            Deep Ocean Air conditioning Waterfront project Update: Chris will follow up

            DLNR Recreational Modernization Plan Briefing: Doug Smith 

5.    Critique of the Christmas party

  The party went well as it had to be rescheduled because of weather.  This reschedule helped bring down attendance as other events were going on.  The Yacht Club was very cooperative in the reschedule and all agreed that the food and the door prizes were good.

6.    Pending HOST Issues:

a.            SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Vessel Visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim

           Kim was not in attendance; however Scott did say that DOT still has the documents and they do want to address the issue.

b.            Tug Assistance – Tom/Troy

7.    Old Business

a.        Flare disposal project – Chris

  Chris reported that they should have a meeting scheduled before the next Board meeting.

b.        2009 HOST Meeting Schedule

           All agreed that the 2009 schedule is ok.

c.        Shore entry dive safety

           Discussed earlier-agreed that an update will be at the Feb. General Meeting

d.        Dock safety ladders – Letter from Nita Prigian

           Discussed earlier-agreed that an update will be at the Feb. General Meeting

e.        Membership meeting times in first quarter of 2009

           For the fist half of 2009 these meetings will begin at 2:15 pm

8.    New Business

            TWIC card deadline is February 12, 2009

9.    United States Coast Guard Concerns

            TWIC notice

10.  State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR)

              DOT earlier in agenda, DLNR DAR EPA Permit extended to Feb. 6, 2009.  Hawaii is not covered by this extension yet.

11. Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues – Ed Lott and John Regan

            Not in attendance

12. NOAA – Coastal Survey – LT. Jeff Taylor

Jeff reported that the new issue of COAST Pilot VII Ed. 4 has been released.  Nautical Charts can be found on www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov

                        Jeff also reported that the President has created three new monuments & that the range markers for Keehi (Pier 60) should be no later than spring of 09.  Hawaii is slated for 2011 for updates on tides and currents.  For more information on this NOAA program contact Jeff.

13. Announcements:


14. Next meetings AdvisoryBoard Meeting: February 12, 2009

                              Membership Meeting: February 19, 2009

15. Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm) Adjourned at 4:28