HOST Advisory Board Meeting Minutes of January 18, 2001

Subject to Board approval

Members Present:        

Robin Bond, Warren Ditch, Tom Heberle, Capt. Gilbert Kanazawa, Bill Mossman, Terry O’Halloran, Charlie Pires, Brad Rimell, Mark Willis, Christine Woolaway. 

Members Absent:         

Kiwi Albrecht, Bill Anonsen, Ed Araki, Randy Cates, Mike DeRego, Mike Duvall, Ed Enos, Russel Rippetoe, Anne Stevens, Charlie Stone, Terry White.

Members Excused:         

Clarence Chong, Barbara Defranco, Sam Forbes, Michael Heisler, Mike Latham, Giles Loftin, Pat Pettigrew, Geoff Wall, Jim Walsh, Roy Yee.

Call to Order:             

The monthly HOST Advisory Board meeting was held on Thursday, January 18, 2001.  The meeting was called to order by Robin Bond, Chair, at 3:00 pm, at KEMS Electric at Pier 35.

Minutes Approved:        

The minutes from the last meeting of December 21, 2000, were reviewed, revised and approved. 

Treasurer’s Report:         

Christine Woolaway distributed financial information to the Advisory Board for 1999 and 2000.  There is $17.50 available in the HOST checking account, with no new funds received to date.

Administrative Meeting Report:          

Robin reviewed a number of administrative items:

– The web site has been updated and we are looking at developing a new site in a more appropriate web domain.

– The 501-C-3 request has been submitted to the IRS.

– Discussed expanding the membership database.

Status of Next Membership Meeting:

Brad gave a brief overview of the next membership meeting agenda. Brad will discuss the International Safety Management program. Terry and Craig Kennedy will discuss up and coming legislation regarding the maritime industry and Bill Mossman will update the membership on the status of the Recreational Vessel Safety Requirements Subcommittee.

New Committees:          

The Small Vessel Passenger Subcommittee was renamed to Small Passenger and Recreational Vessel Subcommittee.  This committee has been reactivated. Bill Mossman was asked to explore the need to expand safety requirements for recreational vessels.  The committee will also address the Senate Bill proposed by Senator Cal Kawamoto regarding the requirement of EPIRB’s for state registered vessels.  


A.  HOST to submit a proposal to the DOBOR, Harbor Division, for a boating safety project, which could include administrative costs.  One possibility was to address the safety requirements for recreational

vessels.  The proposal deadline is April 1, 2001.

Action:  The Small Passenger and Recreational Vessel Subcommittee will submit a proposal to DOBOR on behalf of HOST.

Action:  Terry O’Halloran will work with Robin Bond to submit a letter to the above organizations though Tim Guard.   

Board Membership:          

A.     Capt. Warren Ditch has agreed to represent the Tug/Barges and serve as an alternate on the Advisory Board. 

B.     There was some discussion regarding the lack of representation from the Unions and Yacht Clubs at the Advisory Board meetings.  A suggestion was to change the title from “union” to “maritime labor” and to include environmental groups. 

Action:  Each Advisory Board Member should look at the HOST Board List and see who’s on the list, who’s being represented, and make any suggestions at the next Board Meeting.

Ocean Day:            

Lt. Mark Willis informed the Advisory Board of Mr. Bob Murray’s request to discuss Ocean Day at the next HOST General Membership Meeting.  It was agreed that 10 minutes would be allocated at the February 1st meeting for Ocean Day.

Other Business:          

Tom Heberle and Brad Rimell informed the Advisory Board of their review of the existing HOST SOP’s. They felt SOP 1-97 was helpful and wasn’t sure of the appropriateness of 2-97 since the examinations are no longer provided.  Some members of the Advisory Board felt the SOP’s should be referred back to the subcommittees for review.  The SOP’s will be discussed again at the next Advisory Board meeting.


A.     Christine Woolaway informed the Advisory Board of the PACON 2001 conference, which will be held on July 8 – 11, 2001, in San Francisco, CA.  The topic of marine debris is on the docket and Capt. Rice from the Coast Guard will be making a presentation.

B.     Capt. Kanazawa informed the Advisory Board that he has been working with the video production company to revise the Lahaina video.  There was some discussion on how the video would be distributed and there the video would be stored. 


The meeting was adjourned at 1709.

The next Advisory Board meeting will be on February 15 at 1500.

Submitted by:              Enid Kagesa