Members Present:        Bernie Bender, Robin Bond, Warren Ditch, Susan Harper, Tom Heberle,Bob Heidrich, Bill Mossman, Anne Stevens, Christine Woolaway, Roy Yee.

 Members Absent:        Ed Araki, Bill Anonsen, Randy Cates, Mike DeRego, Mike Duvall, Mike Latham, Charlie Pires, Brad Rimell, Russell Rippetoe, Barry Solywoda, Terry White.

 Members Excused:      Clarence Chong, Sam Forbes, Captain Gilbert Kanazawa, Brian McCaul, Jim Walsh, and Mark Willis.

 Guests:                        Richard Davison, Clint Jamile, CDR John Sifling.

 Call to Order:             The monthly HOST Advisory Board meeting was held on Thursday, January 17, 2002.   Robin Bond, Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m., at KEMS Electric at Pier 35. There was no quorum.

 Minutes Approved:     The minutes from October 25th, November 15th, and December 20th were reviewed, and will be approved at the next Advisory Board meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report: Christine Woolaway informed the Advisory Board that there was a balance of $2,053.72 available in the HOST checking account. Chris and Robin have researched various banking institutions to find an interest bearing account for the HOST checking account. Roy Yee will check out the credit union that occupies an office in his building.

 Pat Pettigrew: It was with deep regret that Robin informed the Board of Pat Pettigrew’s untimely passing on December 30th.  Her family is holding a memorial service on January 27, 2002, at 44-519 Kaneohe Bay Drive (on the lawn) at 2:00 p.m.  It was agreed that Robin would say a few words at the memorial on behalf of HOST. 

The Board decided to award the Doug Van Award for 2002 to Pat, in acknowledgement of her hard work and efforts in support of HOST and the maritime community.  The award will be presented to her family at a future HOST General Membership Meeting.  The Board also will look into establishing an annual award in Pat’s name to be presented to an individual that is involved in maritime safety, such as a student’s project at the State Science Fair.     

Next Membership Meetingting Topics: The next General Membership meeting, to be held on February 14th  will be facilitated by Bill Anonsen.  The meeting will cover the Jones and Passenger Services Acts, John Clark’s new book Hawai’i Place Names : Shores, Beaches, and Training Facility.

HOST  Safety

Issues (DLNR): Robin sent a letter to Carol She’ indicating that HOST did not agree with the State’s draft rule being considered that would require children under 12 years of age to wear a PFD on watercrafts.  Robin recommended that HOST develop an SOP (Safe Operating Practice) and a program to educate all Hawaii boaters.

 Fundraising: Robin reported that HOST has received a $500 donation from McCabe, Hamilton & Renny. It was also agreed that HOST will have a booth at the Fishermen’s Festival to be held during the Memorial Day weekend, and expects to raise additional funds at that time. 

Other Business:           

1.  Board Membership:

a.       Bernie Bender and Bob Heidrich are new Advisory Board members, representing the Yacht Clubs.

b.      LT Brian McCaul is the U.S. Coast Guard Liaison for the Island of Hawaii.

c.       Terry O’Halloran has relocated to Kauai, and a candidate needs to be identified to replace him for the Ocean Recreation industry. 

d.      Bill Anonsen is working for the State Harbors Division and will no longer represent the Domestic Shipping Industry.  A candidate needs to be identified to replace him.

e.       A candidate needs to be identified to represent the Island of Kauai and two candidates to represent the Island of Hawaii (1 for Kona and 1 for Hilo). 

HOST Members are encouraged to contact Robin with names of possible new Board Members.

2.      New Board Telephone List

The HOST Advisory Board Telephone List was revised and distributed.

3.      HOST Webpage

Robin is working with a webpage developer to look at re-designing the HOST webpage so that it can be easily updated to ensure that the data is current. When this is through, we can look at getting donations to help cover the costs of the webpage. We will also look at including HOST in the National Harbor Safety Committee website.

4.     Neighbor Island Tug Agreement

Tom has volunteered to update the Neighbor Island Tug Agreement that is              somewhat out of date

Announcements: Chris informed the Board of a presentation on “Non-toxic Control of Marine Biofouling by Jian Yu, from the University of Hawaii, Department of Ocean Resources and Engineering, to be held on January 23, 2002, at 3:30 p.m. in Holmes Hall, Room 243. 

Homeland Security: CDR John Sifling updated the Board on the USCG’s efforts on Homeland Security. The Cutter has been stationed at the Honolulu Harbor entrance to monitor vessel activity 24/7.  The MSO has reassigned its personnel to maximize efficiency.  There is staff located at the Command Center on Sand Island to track vessel movement and there are additional personnel located on the neighbor islands.  The MSO is continuing to monitor cruise ship terminals and security procedures, and has requested assistance from the industry to help keep an “eye” on things.  If there are people “casing” the area or displaying strange behaviors, please contact the MSO.CDR Sifling informed the Board of meetings the USCG has had with the community for security purposes. It was suggested that Robin and Tom Heberle be included at the meetings.

Adjournment:                The meeting was adjourned at 1650.

The HOST Membership Meeting will be held on February 14, 2002.

The next Advisory Board meeting will be on February 21, 2002.