Robin Bond, Chairman, Kim Beasley, CIC, Bob Heidrich, HYC, Susan Harper, HYC, Tom Heberle, Clint Jamile, Mike Nelson, Brad Rimell, Commercial Towing, Chuck Krause,  Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant, Bill Mossman, Rec. Boating, Arlen Walsten, Ocean Rec., Capt. Terry Rice., USCG Ret., Capt. Tim Skuby, LCDR Lane Johnson, USCG, RADM Jim McClelland, USCG Ret.                                                     

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum was present and the minutes were reviewed for approval.   The minutes were approved by consensus.

Robin introduced a guest – Mr. Chuck Krause of  Ko’olina Marina.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Robin reported that the IRS has approved our 501-(c)(3) Non-Profit Status.  We are now applying to be part of the “Combined Federal Campaign” which is the equivalent of the “Aloha United Way” for federal employees.    If they elect to, they can specify HOST as an organization to which their contributions could be directed. 

AGENDA Item #4  –   February 20  –  Membership Meeting Topics

Robin reviewed the topics to be presented at the upcoming Membership Meeting to be held on February 20, 2003.

a.         Security         

Captain Skuby stated that he would be able to have someone speak about the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) regarding the proposed changes and plans for Security Zones for Hawaii ports.

b.         Range Lights

Kim  Beasley will speak about the issue.    He will also prepare a handout questionnaire to be distributed to the attendees soliciting their views.    This handout could also be sent out with the minutes for people to reply to the web site e-mail address.

c.         HIMIS

Hawaii Integrated Maritime Information System or HIMIS is a new effort by the USCG to provide their customers with a variety of maritime information and other services.   Lane Johnson of the Coast Guard gave the Board a brief overview of the possible services that could be offered.    These included vessel traffic information and shipping agent on-line reporting services.    It could also be a method of submitting applications for maritime event permits such as regattas or parades.    It is still under development and input from the people who may benefit from this system most is being sought.    Lane will be presenting this information to the membership meeting.

AGENDA Item #5  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

Robin reported on the on-going issues under consideration as safety items for possible HOST action.

a.         DBOR  –    Boating Safety Education Program

            Robin pointed out that this initiative is slowed down due to the change of State Administration.   Pearlyn hasn’t called but we expect this will happen soon.

b.         Kawaihae  –   Robin reported that he sent out the letter regarding our concerns over the mixed-use activities in Kawaihae.   As yet he has not received a response.

c.Harbor Entry during Emergency Situations  –   Brad reported that there was no news on this subject.

d.         Combined Federal Campaign  –   Robin reported earlier that we are in the process of applying.

e.         Hawaiian Island Recreational SCUBA Association (HIRSA) Industry Day  –   Robin reported that HOST has been invited to speak at this event.    He will give a review of HOST and will present a copy of the SOP developed by HOST as a discussion point of how HOST works.    Discussion followed that HIRSA may request changes to the SOP.   This is exactly what it is all about.    It was also pointed out that we have lost our Power Point Presentation on HOST and we need to make up a new one.    Kim volunteered to help and asked if anyone had pictures of events in which HOST has participated, such as Honolulu Harbor Festival.

AGENDA Item #6  –   Fifth Annual Harbor Safety Committee Conference

Robin has reported in the past that the Fifth Annual Harbor Safety Conference will be held April 6th – 9th, on the east coast.    As reported at the last meeting the estimated cost for Robin to attend is approximately $2,000.00 dollars.   We are actively looking for donations.   Brad is hopeful that this will happen. Please contact Robin Bond if you wish to contribute.

AGENDA Item  #7  –  Homeland Security –  CMDR John Sifling, USCG

This was discussed earlier under potential meeting topics.   Captain Skuby added that it looks like the new regs will be finalized by March or April.   The end product of a complete Hawaii Port Security Plan looks to be finalized by the end of December.    There will be a meeting this coming Wednesday for anyone wishing to participate.    It will be held at Club 14 on the USCG Base Honolulu at 1:00 pm.

Kim asked about the possibility of including some language in the overall plan that addressed our HOST concerns about access for tugboat and other infrastructure maritime personnel during emergencies.   Captain Skuby said that he wasn’t sure that this was the correct place for this.   Discussion followed that now is the time to discuss it and perhaps consider a reference to what ever format this resolution eventually takes.    Not having even a reference in the plan may be a hindrance to gaining emergency access for vital response personnel.

AGENDA Item #8  –  Announcements

1.         Robin reported that the website was down temporarily due to domain name expiration.    When it was originally set up the address given was for the former secretary.    As she is no longer with us, the notification of expiration was not received by Robin.    This was discovered when we couldn’t find our website on-line.    All is corrected now and we are back on-line.

2.         Kim Beasley announced that the Propeller Club was having a 2003 Kick Off Party, to be held at the Waikiki Yacht Club on Monday the 24th of February.    Questions were asked about the mission of the Propeller Club.    Kim pointed out that their mission is to promote maritime awareness and to contribute informed commentary to legislative bodies concerning harbor development and related issues.     That is why the Propeller Club has supported Maritime Industry Day.

3.         Bill Mossman reported that Representative Brian Shots has proposed a bill (HB 1578) to establish a Port Authority.    This would basically combine all airport and harbors functions under one authority.    This includes all DOT and DLNR harbors.    We should keep tabs on this effort.

4.         Chris Woolaway reported that there will be a conference entitled “Summit-To-Sea 2003” held  October 26-29, 2003 at the Sheraton Waikiki.    This is a joint project of NOAA, CZM Hawaii, DBEDT-ORB, OHA, Hawaii Sea Grant, DOH, DOA-ADP, and the City and County of Honolulu among others.   It will be a four-day conference that provides opportunity for you and your organization to present your views and solutions on a range of ocean and coastal resource management issues.    For more information and the latest updates contact www.hawaiiormp.com.

The next meetings are as follows:

·          Next Board Meeting              March 13, 2003

·          Next Membership Meeting               February 20th, 2003

Adjournment:   There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.