Robin Bond, Chairman                                           Susan Harper, Yacht Clubs

Kim Beasley, CIC                                                  Bob Heidrich, HYC

Bill Mossman, HBPAA                                          Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant

Louie Alday, KEMS                                               Jeff Brennan, Horizon

Sinclair Brown,  Pilots                                            CDR George Butler             

Tom Heberle, Pilots                                                Brad Rimell, Sause Bro.

John Thielst, TESORO                                           Daryl DeCosta

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum being present he asked for a review of the minutes of the previous meeting.   After a review of the minutes they were approved by consensus.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $1,313.25 in the bank, with the expectation of spending some money on the Christmas party.  The Propeller Club, and the Hawaii Pilots Association are going to donate $250 each  toward the Christmas party.   

AGENDA Item #4  –  Annual Christmas Party

Robin reported that his appeal for door prizes netted some neat stuff including but not limited to diving equipment, hats, tide calendars, and a personal EPIRB.   It should be a good party.

AGENDA Item  #5  –  2004 HOST Meeting Dates

Robin distributed the proposed meeting dates for the year 2004.  There was general agreement that we would follow the same type of schedule as 2003.  He asked for approval of the schedule.   A motion to approve was made and passed by consensus.

AGENDA Item  #6  –  Next membership meeting topics

Robin asked Kim if he would make a presentation of some type on the Security Zones around Cruise Ships and the impacts on the oil transportation system in Hawaii.   Other potential topics include a talk on the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Kawaihae commercial vs recreational boat situation and a follow-up on the plan to use ID’s to access harbors. More to follow at the next meeting.

AGENDA Item  #7  –   6th Annual Harbor Safety Conference

Robin announced that the planning for this is still in progress.   Nothing finalized as yet.   He asked whether HOST should plan to send someone to the Conference.    After some discussion a motion was made by Kim Beasley to send Robin Bond.    Everyone felt that this is valuable and that Robin is the logical choice to represent Hawaii.    The motion was passed by voice vote.  

AGENDA Item  #8  –   HOST Correspondence

Robin reported that he sent out a letter to the Hawaii Pilots Association thanking them for a $250 donation for the Christmas Party.    This is very much appreciated.

Also, Julia Morgan has drafted up a letter to be sent from HOST to Captain Skuby offering some clarification language related to the concerns about Port Security Zones and the impact it is having on the average boater.    HOST is volunteering to put a clarification note in the USCG’s brochure on Security Zones addressing “visual indicators” that would indicate when a specific Security Zone is being enforced.    The letter was sent out in late November.

AGENDA Item  #9  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

a.         Diving SOP  –   The dive SOP has been completed.

b.         SOP 6-98 Commercial VHF Comms.  –  Louie   No News

c.         Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin   No News.

d.         Harbor Entry During a Disaster  –  Brad discussed this to bring everyone up to speed on the issue but reported that there is essentially no news.

e.         PR Education Committee  –  Julia completed the Skuby letter.

AGENDA Item  #10  –   Homeland Security

CDR Butler spoke about the increased efforts that are largely unseen by the average citizen for the Holiday Season.    Also reminded everyone that the new Security Plan requirements are coming up on deadline for submittal.   The USCG has been very busy working on that project.    Kim pointed out that some of the requirements could be very onerous for small companies like the oil companies on Lanai and Molokai.    Hopefully the level of risk is something that is being taken into consideration when analyzing security requirements.   CDR Butler wasn’t encouraging regarding flexibility on this issue.

AGENDA Item  #11  –   Announcements

Robin asked if there we any further announcements.   

The next meetings are as follows:

●          Next General Meeting – Christmas Party,   December 11, 2003   6:00 pm.

            Hawaii Yacht Club

●          Next Board Meeting,  January 8, 2004  3:00 pm

●          Next General Membership Meeting,   February 19, 2004


Robin asked if there was any further new business?

Hearing none, the meeting was adjourned.