January 8, 2004 Advisory Board

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team

January 8, 2004

Advisory Board Meeting


Robin Bond, Chairman                                           Susan Harper, Yacht Clubs

Kim Beasley, CIC                                                    Bob Heidrich, HYC

Bill Mossman, HBPAA                                            Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant

Hector Venegas, KEMS                                         Jeff Brennan, Horizon

Julia Morgan                                                             Captain Tim Skuby              

Rod Alderton                                                            Captain Terry Rice, (Ret)

John Thielst, TESORO                                           

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum being present he asked for a review of the minutes of the previous meeting.   After a review of the minutes, Julia Morgan moved for approval and they were approved by consensus.


Robin reported that Louis Alday has left Kem’s Kewalo and HOST.   Roy Yee has asked whether we would like Mr. Hector Venegas to serve as his replacement.    Hector introduced himself and reported on his background in marketing, contracting and administration.   He would be serving as the representative for Ocean Recreation.    Members of the Board welcomed Hector and unanimously approved his participation.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $1,032.52  in the bank, after the Christmas party.  The Propeller Club is needs to get a check signed before they can donate the $250. they volunteered for the Christmas Party.   Robin reported that so far we have not seen any money donated by the Combined Federal Campaign.  

AGENDA Item #4  –  HOST Annual Report

Robin reported that he has completed an annual report that is “short and sweet”.    He has posted it on the website for those wishing to read it.

AGENDA Item #5  –  Annual Christmas Party

Robin reported that his appeal for door prizes netted some neat stuff including but not limited to diving equipment, hats, tide calendars, and a personal EPIRB.   The party was a definite success.    Robin asked if we wanted to plan on doing it the same way in 2004 and the Board agreed.    We want to start planning early because we want to complete our meeting date schedule and make reservations at the Hawaii Yacht Club.

AGENDA Item  #6  –  2004 HOST Meeting Dates

With the approval of the Christmas Party schedule Robin distributed the proposed meeting dates for the year 2004.  There was general agreement that we would follow the same type of schedule as 2003.  He asked for approval of the schedule.   A motion to approve was made and passed by consensus.

AGENDA Item  #7  –  Next membership meeting topics

Robin had previously asked Kim if he would make a presentation of some type on the Security Zones around Cruise Ships and the impacts on the oil transportation system in Hawaii.   Kim suggested that perhaps we could get a panel discussion going.   Bob Heidrich suggested that Bill Thayer could speak to the issue of future cruise ship schedules throughout the islands.   Kim could present the concerns particularly on the pollution side and Brad Rimell could participate and discuss the barge scheduling ramifications.

Other potential topics include a talk on the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Previously we had considered an update on the Kawaihae commercial vs recreational boat situation.   This appears now to be unlikely as not much new has happened on this subject.

Captain Terry Rice noted that Paradise Cruises Ltd. has received a Certificate of Merit from the USCG and asked whether the Admiral could present this at the HOST General Meeting.    Everyone agreed.

AGENDA Item  #8  –   6th Annual Harbor Safety Conference

Robin announced that the planning for this is still in progress.   Nothing finalized as yet.   HOST is planning to send Robin and this will cost about $1,500 dollars.  We need to start efforts to raise this money.    Kim asked why these meetings were always held on the east coast.    Apparently no community on the west coast volunteered to host the conference. 

AGENDA Item  #–   HOST Correspondence

Robin reported that he sent out a letter to the Hawaii Pilots Association thanking them for a $250 donation for the Christmas Party.    This is very much appreciated.

Also, Julia Morgan has drafted up a letter to be sent from HOST to Captain Skuby offering some clarification language related to the concerns about Port Security Zones and the impact it is having on the average boater.    HOST is volunteering to put a clarification note in the USCG’s brochure on Security Zones addressing “visual indicators” that would indicate when a specific Security Zone is being enforced.    The letter was sent out in late November.

AGENDA Item  #10  –   TESORO’s Proposed Restricted Area Warning Signs

Tesoro has asked HOST whether they would like to join with Tesoro in their proposed effort to educate boaters on the Restricted area associated with the Security Zone around the Barber’s Point offshore moorings.   An example of a possible brochure was passed around for people to see.   Tesoro is also asking the USCG if they would like to participate.    The example showed both the Tesoro, USCG and HOST logos in the lower right corner.

Discussion followed as to the tenor of the message and whether the message was serving the greater community or Tesoro.   This being said, should HOST endorse this message?     Further, the question of what standard do want to follow when we use our logo.    Kim volunteered that we are a safety organization and the practical standard should be that there is a safety education component in the message or effort that we endorse.    There seemed to be general agreement to this.    John Thielst was asked if he would modify his message somewhat to include more of a safety component in the presentation.    This he agreed to do.    With this adjustment, the Board agreed to allow the HOST logo to be included on the brochure.     The USCG may or may not endorse the effort.

Hector had several suggestions were made as to possible outlets for getting the message to the public.   He pointed out to John that Ray Pendleton writes a column for boaters.    He may be willing to write something on this.   Also the Web Site for Ko’olina may be willing to include something.   Fishing shows and good morning shows are often hungry for news.

AGENDA Item  #11  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues

a.         SOP 6-98 Commercial VHF Comms.    A letter has been prepared and is ready to be sent to commercial companies asking for information on which frequencies they use.   With that feedback we will be ready to update the SOP.

b.         Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin reported that Sause Brothers has sent a letter to Ian Bernie asking that the State conduct another survey of Kawaihae Harbor users to evaluate the on-going problem of conflicting use and congestion.      

c.         Harbor Entry During a Disaster  –  No news on this.

d.         PR Education Committee  –  Julia suggested that if we are to do anything to educate boaters on the EPIRB and PFD regulations our best effort would probably be a poster for bulletin boards.    Kim volunteered that he would try to produce one.    If the board likes it he can ask his neighbor island maintenance workers to help distribute it.

e.         NOAA Weather Broadcasts  –  Robin reminded everyone that we promised to follow up with Andy Nash of the weather service on seeing if there is a better approach to making weather broadcasts.  Kim volunteered to work on a committee with Andy and Rick Shima.  More to follow.

f.          Nat’l Harbor Safety & Security InfoCenter  –  Is port Security Cramping Your Style?   Bill Mossman reported that on behalf of HBPAA he sent a letter pointing out the conflicts experienced by boaters in Hawaii on the Security Zone rules for boaters.   The InfoCenter is kind of a “chat” forum for these types of issues.  Bill asked whether HOST would be willing to send a follow up letter asking whether “anyone else is experiencing problems”?   Kim compared the letter to the request received by HOST asking about harbor background lighting.   The board agreed that this is something we could do.

AGENDA Item  #12  –   Homeland Security

Captain Skuby reported that Honolulu Harbor is a Tiered Port that follows the MARSEC levels.   Currently we are at MARSEC Level II or Orange Level.   This translates into increased boardings, more shore patrols and more coordination for patrols between agencies participating in the State Law Enforcement Coalition.     These agencies include HPD, USCG, DOD, the Sheriffs Dept. among others.

Captain Skuby also reminded everyone that provision of the new Maritime Security Act are starting to kick in.    As of the end of the year companies were supposed to have their vessel and facility plans turned in to the USCG for approval and implementation is to begin on July 1, 2004.   Also, his office is beginning to populate the Area Maritime Security Committee beginning with the Executive Board. 

AGENDA Item  #13  –   Announcements

Robin asked if there we any further announcements.

1.         Susan Harper announced that the Whale Sanctuary is beginning their annual Ocean Count.   Anyone wishing to volunteer to count whales please give her a call.

2.         The 2004 Boat Show will be held on May 22nd and 23rd.

3.         The USCG Auxiliary  has asked if anyone knows the proper way of disposing of old signal flares.    No one had an “official” answer.

The next meetings are as follows:

●          Next Board Meeting,  February 12, 2004  3:00 pm  –  Hawaii Yacht Club

●          Next General Meeting,  February 19, 2004  2:00 pm – Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility

●          Next Board Meeting,   February 19, 2004  3:00 pm  –  Hawaii Yacht Club


Robin asked if there was any further new business?

Hearing none, the meeting was adjourned.

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